Green Fins is a unique management approach for sustainable marine tourism. Using the passion often found naturally in divers and snorkelers as a springboard for long-term behaviour change from businesses and individuals to save our reefs. Established through a partnership between the UN Environment and The Reef-World Foundation.
How does #coralreefs support the livelihoods of so many people? Hear it from them! Here Josephine Arriesgado, souvenir crafts sculptor, tells us the direct impact healthy coral reefs have on her and her families day to day life #GreenFinsIYOR2018 #IYOR2018 #SaveOurReefs #DiveForChange ... More
This year was internationally declared as #IYOR2018 because this marine ecosystems are vital for life under AND above water. We all know the importance of the #amazons to life on Earth, do you know that #coralreefs are their #aquatic counterpart?  . #GreenFinsIYOR2018 #SaveOurReefs #DiveForChange #sustainablediving #greenfins #reefs #ocean #marinelife #diving #forests ... More
Green Fins works as a bridge between the public and the private sectors to make coral reef and ocean protection an easier job for everyone!... More
Where to start when you want to do your part on conserving the #oceans and being a #sustainable diver? Brands like Patagonia and Fourth Element OceanPositive are making this easier for you! Take a look at their recently released neoprene FREE wetsuits: and More

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The whole set of Green Fins materials are freely available and made to make YOUR life easier every day before going in the #water ... More
International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development 2017 is coming to an end, read this article and learn how Green Fins helps dive operators and dive tourists contribute to the sustainable development of the diving tourism sector #travelenjoyrespect #SaveOurReefs #travelenjoyrespect #SaveOurReefs... More

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#Coralreef habitats can be found in over 100 countries including more than 80 developing countries where they help sustain #human society through a range of  #ecosystemservices such as #livelihoods and #food security from #fisheries revenue from #tourism #erosion prevention and protection from extreme weather events through dissipation of #wave energy and lessening inundation and damage during a storm. Source: UN Environment Coral Reef Unit #GreenFinsIYOR2018 #IYOR2018 ... More
Last month, the Coral Triangle Center facilitated the launch of Green Fins - Indonesia! Check out why that's an important step for the country's reefs: ... More
If it's found down there, it should stay down there! Seahorse kebabs in a Thai market have called authorities attention on implementing stricter controls over fishing regulations: ... More

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CONGRATULATIONS to the new Green Fins members in Bali, Indonesia: Nico Dive Cool, Bali Diving Academy, Living Seas and Aquamarine Diving. This is just the beginning of Green Fins in Indonesia, keep tuned!... More

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Selamat Datang di Green Fins, Indonesia! The Reef-World Foundation are delighted to announce Green Fins Indonesia is now ACTIVE! Under the leadership of the Coral Triangle Center, the newly certified assessors from CTC, Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries and the Bali Professional Divers Association will be working with the #diving industry across #Bali Expect expansion nationwide over the coming years. The new team can be contacted at ... More

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By planning your next #diving trip you can help protect the #dive sites you love to visit! By booking with @divebooker 5% of the total of your booking will go directly to Green Fins' work!It's a win-win situation: @reef_world will allocate the #donations in more time and resources on Green Fins work, Divebooker will have more bookings, Green Fins members will also receive additional bookings as the Divebooker platform will favour and promote Green Fins members, ranking them higher in searches! All to help #SaveOurReefs!! #DiveforChange this #IYOR2018 Photo credits: Anita Gardener... More