Wanna dive with me?
Looking for a dive buddy next weekend? Planning a trip but you want to find some new dive & travel mates? Chose your country and connect with others! Tag your buddies that are looking for new buddies! Please dont use this group for commercial posts. Happy Diving :-) ...and see you somewhere underwater.
Bali community
Haven't seen a Bali community. Lets start one
Diving United States
Diving in America
World Divers
I want to travel and dive around the world!
Underwater Compact Camera Photographers
The purpose of this group is to show the photos taken using Camera COMPACT, NOT a DSLR or Mirrorless Camera and help each other to learn different techniques and get inspiration from notice and comment on each others photos. By asking questions, we can learn new techniques and improve the quality of our pictures. Underwater Compact Camera is defined as any point and shoot camera with the small sensors (less than 35mm), you can use just a basic compact system, camera and underwater housing with no accessories attached. The lighting may use the internal flash from the camera, or with additional wet wide angle lenses, macro wet lenses with an external flash attached. Please upload ONLY photos taken with COMPACT Cameras. NO photos or aquarium soil! Good luck and keep taking photos, posting results for all the people in the group to see.
Shark Diving
Shark Diving is for all divers who enjoy the thrill of diving with all kinds of sharks. Shark Divers are shark conservationists who utilize their experiences, photos and videos to help educate the world to the true nature and beauty of our shark populations.
Freediver lounge
Break free of your scuba equipment and glide into the blue. This group is for apnea addicts who like to get closer than ever to the world around them.
Sidemount Diving
All about sidemount diving.
German Divers
Für alle Pfützentaucher aus Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz
Technical Divers
The home of the brave and the few that go deep. This is a group for all technical divers, and those interested in becoming part of this elite subsection of divers. Share your dive profiles, gas blends, equipment tips and tricks, experiences and favorite dive spots below 40m.
Girls that Scuba
We are the women of the ocean! Join our all female community of scuba obsessed girls from all over the globe. Together we support, encourage and empower more women to get into diving. Are you a Girl that Scuba's?
The Gear Guild
Passionate about new gear and new technology? This is the group for divers who love to find and try out new gear. Post your first-hand experiences with the latest piece of diving equipment.
Coral Identification
This group is for anyone who loves coral! Upload your coral pictures and share this group with a friend! Need help identifying a coral Upload your unknown corals with details of where you found them.
Dive Tattoos
Let's see your love of the ocean come to your skin! Share your dive tattoo's, what inspired you to get them or the story behind them.
Nudibranch Junkies
Nudibranch Junkies group is a home for those that love the “naked gills”, those colourful gastropod molluscs commonly known as nudibranchs. Get help with identification, photography tips and more. When asking for identification please state the location (not the dive site) where you spotted the nudi, the depth you were at, and the size of the specimen in question. Camera information and settings is particularly helpful those in the community that are learning the art of macro photography.
Underwater Photo/Video Club
This group is for divers that photograph our beautiful blue planet from below the waves. Share your photographs, videos, as well as tips and camera settings, equipment news and reviews, favorite dive spots and techniques.
Macro Freaks
This group is for divers who can’t get enough of the bizarre and unique micro-critters that tend to go unnoticed by most divers. Post your macro photographs and help us all gain inspiration. Only for those with a keen eye for what’s hidden in plain sight!
Whale Sharks
Join us as Whale Shark Guardians, follow Shark Guardian's lead, and spread awareness! - Do everything you can to spread awareness of protecting whale sharks in the next 30 days. - In this period of time you can complete three missions. A new mission will be announced on every Thursday. - As you finish the missions you will get more entries toward drawings for cool prizes! More details: https://events.deepblu.com/2017aug_whalesharkguardian/
Diver Girls
Discuss diving-related topics that don't necessarily concern men.
South Korea 한국
South Korea Divers # 강사님들 영리활동 이곳에서는 정중히 금지 부탁드립니다 # 버디모집 후 펀다이빙은 부득이한 사정이외에는 N/1 부탁드립니다 # 이곳에서는 국내, 해외 , 사진, 수온 ,코스믹, 다이빙관련 정보공유 등 비영리 활동만 부탁드립니다 모두들 안따 즐따 하시길바랍니다.