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Diving Down Under
Love diving down under? Tell us why it’s better! From March 28 to April 30, 2017, Deepblu and Dive Log Australasia Magazine are partnering up to highlight diving in Australia. Win a COSMIQ dive computer! Join in on the fun and enter by submitting a photo from your Australia dive trip and tell us where the picture was taken and why you love diving in Australia. Three winners will be chosen by publisher Barry Andrewartha and announced in the June issue of Dive Log Magazine, on Dive Log's social media accounts and Deepblu.
Nudibranch Junkies
From March 3 to April 28, Deepblu and are hosting the Nudi Festival Photo Contest! 1. Sign up or log in to your Deepblu account 2. Post your Nudibranch picture 3. Tell us where the dive took place, the camera setting and camera used Enter now for a chance to win amazing prizes! There's also a "popular vote" winner with the most likes!
Memorable Dive Adventure
Divers come together to share their best dive memories and dive logs.
The Gear Guild
Passionate about new gear and new technology? This is the group for divers who love to find and try out new gear. Post your first-hand experiences with the latest piece of diving equipment.
Macro Freaks
This group is for divers who can’t get enough of the bizarre and unique micro-critters that tend to go unnoticed by most divers. Post your macro photographs and help us all gain inspiration. Only for those with a keen eye for what’s hidden in plain sight!
Underwater Photo/Video Club
This group is for divers that photograph our beautiful blue planet from below the waves. Share your photographs, videos, as well as tips and camera settings, equipment news and reviews, favorite dive spots and techniques.
As divers we all love sharks. Post your favorite shark photo or video here and let us know your favorite shark diving site in the world!
Diver Girls
Discuss diving-related topics that don't necessarily concern men.
Diving Memes
Diving related and funny meme
What Creature Is This?
The ocean is such a vast space that you definitely encounter something new every time you dive. A lot of the time we don’t exactly know what it that we saw. Post pictures of the creatures you can’t identify and have other people help you name them.
Frogfish Pics & Videos
For all that like these masters of camouflage! Share your best pictures. I started this group to learn more about these creatures and to see more great pictures of frog fish. The only times I have seen one was on a dive in Taiwan, Green Island (big big black one...). My Instructor pointed it out to me, otherwise I would never have seen it. They hide and adjust to the environment so well. The second time was on a dive boat in the Philippines, El Nido - a small yellow frog fish was floating at the surface tangled in seaweed. My DM took it and dove down with it to place it on a coral - I am not sure if that was correct behavior! I heard they like to sit on seaweed. Lets explore more frog fish :-)
Coral Identification
This group is for anyone who loves coral. Upload your coral pictures and share interesting species from your dive trip. Upload your unknown corals with details of where you found them. Help others ID their unknown corals.
Underwater Photography
Equipment advise, tips, and a place to share your photos.
Technical Divers
The home of the brave and the few that go deep. This is a group for all technical divers, and those interested in becoming part of this elite subsection of divers. Share your dive profiles, gas blends, equipment tips and tricks, experiences and favorite dive spots below 40m.
Taveuni Dive Resort
Staff, and official photographer, at Fiji's best dive resort! Send us a like or come to Fiji and say hi in person. We might even take you out diving!
World Divers
I want to travel and dive around the world!
Liveaboard Lounge
Liveaboard dive trips are unforgettable experiences—the best way to go when it comes to dive vacations. We want to hear about your LOB experience in this group. Everything from the accommodation to the boat crew to the food. Oh…and the diving, too!
Coral Restoration
This group is for anyone interested in coral restorations. Share your photos, experience, and stories of coral restoration around the world. Have you worked or volunteered with a coral restoration project? Submit your photos and tell us how many coral fragments or how many meters of coral you have planted back to the reef. Have questions? Post your photos here and get feedback from passionate coral enthusiasts and experienced professionals. Have you visited a coral restoration project for the first time? Share your photos and tell us about your experience. Together we can inspire each other to protect coral reefs.
Scuba 101-Beginner Divers
The purpose of this group is to provide a forum for learning. Feel free to ask any questions you may have about scuba diving—no matter how basic—and more experienced divers will answer them. Post useful articles that will help new scuba divers learn more about diving. The more each of us knows the more we can improve our own personal performance and diving safety generally.
German Divers
Für alle Pfützentaucher aus Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz