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United Kingdom, Bristol
Green Fins is a unique management approach for sustainable marine tourism. Using the passion often found naturally in divers and snorkelers as a springboard for long-term behaviour change from businesses and individuals to save our reefs. Established through a partnership between the UN Environment and The Reef-World Foundation.
1-3 Gloucester Rd, Bristol, Bristol, United Kingdom
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24 May 2017
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14 Jun 2017
ADEX (Asia Dive Expo) 2017
The theme of ADEX - Asia Dive Expo this year is #ClimateChange! The 'UNBLEACH' campaign highlights how divers can place themselves at the frontline of coral conservation in the face of global change. By removing local direct threats to the reefs, we can keep them strong and healthy and able to recover from global bleaching events.
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25 May 2017
Green Fins icons
Follow these guidelines and be a Green Fins diver!
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25 May 2017
Green Fins Testimonials
The Green Fins network is composed of a widespread group of environmental champions who give life to the message; they are the voice of the environmentally sustainable diving industry. These are their testimonials!
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14 Jun 2017
Green Fins Puerto Galera, Philippines 2017
Check out the latest photos and updates from Green Fins members in Puerto Galera, Philippines 2017 as they unite to protect their coral reefs from the damaging impacts of tourism.
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14 Jun 2017
Green Fins workshop in Pristine Paradise Palau
From the 1st to the 3rd March 2017, a Green Fins Workshop was conducted by The Reef-World Foundation attended by state conservation officers and rangers from Koror, Melekeok, Ngardmau, and Ngarchelong, the Director of the Bureau of Tourism, Managing Director of Palau Visitors Authority, Executive Director of Belau Tourism Association, Executive Director of Palau Conservation Society, CEO of the Palau International Coral Reef Center and representatives of major dive and snorkeling centers in Palau including Fish n Fins, NECO Marine, Sam's Tours, IMPAC Uel Cruise, and Palau Dive Adventures. Read more about the workshop on the Green Fins news section on the website!
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25 May 2017
Sustainable diving
What does it mean to be a sustainable diver? Find the answer to this and more questions here!
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