7 Days to Christmas! Many have had memorable dive adventures this year, and we're lucky to be able to share them with the Deepblu community. There were many unique, special ones, like this story between Deepblu diver @Yann and his father ➡ https://goo.gl/EpB7pm [Comment to Win] Share your favorite dive story of the year by commenting on this post to win a fast-dry towel or luggage tag! * Entry comments must be post-related.Winners announced on 12/25. #stories #yourstory #deepbluxmas #memories #adventures #stories #yourstory #deepbluxmas #memories #adventures... More
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My first major dive trip involved postponing an elective surgery, flying to the eastern-most end of my country and keeping up stamina to complete a total of 15 dives in a single trip. It was during that trip that I had the most amazing and magical experience underwater with a buddy that I don’t know if I’ll ever get to dive with him again. He spoke to me in volumes with just his eyes under the dive mask. He showed up on the trip as a surprise, he looked after me and made sure that I was okay for every dive. I felt safe and protected on every dive even though we were not physically close enough to touch. The beautiful underwater dive sites became the background scenery which adds to the overwhelming experience. I fell in love with him a few weeks later after my surgery, but not long after that we have had to go separate ways. I miss him dearly, and hope wherever he is, he is loved and happy. ... More

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