They're just trying to chill on the beach. Do not touch. #seals #migration #winter common.seeMore
Its getting winter soon. What was your coldest dive ever? Are you diving all year around? I must admit, I am afraid of cold water (although I am German) and prefer to dive with a shorty. Waiting for an opportunity to dive below my comfort zone . How do you define cold?❄☃️❄⛄❄ #diveon #winter #icediving #drysuitcommon.seeMore

ommm really? I feel bad now. 24 degrees....  common.seeMore

In March 2016, the water temperature in Finland was as cold as it gets before it freezes. This shore diving location was a good place to test my new double cylinder setup. Nevertheless, 45 minutes in 0 degrees Celcius water was enough. #finland #balticsea #winter #sea #porkkalacommon.seeMore
My Deepblu buddies, I wish you all a merry Christmas! Any dive gear or dive trip present under the Christmas tree? ??? Are you diving during Xmas? ??? I am staying dry, visiting Germany. Can't jump into the ice water here ☃️❄☃️❄ Happy festive days to you @ReefDivers.io @R413 @James Mamoto @Jordy9129 @Sebastian S. @Tobias Friedrich @The IMP @Brett Lobwein @Scubashooters.net @stephanwhelan @Tauchmagazin unterwasser @Martin van Gestel @VDST @VDSTsporttaucher Dietmar Fuchs @IDA Worldwide @Dragos Dumitrescu @ScubaDiverMag @william winram #interdive #icediving #scubachristmas #christmasdive #merrychristmas #diveon #scuba2017 #wintercommon.seeMore

Merry Christmas - I may have found a new Scubapro Regulator under there ahhhh !!! 😊common.seeMore

This photo was taken during Ice Diving course in February 2017. The location was an old limestone quarry called ”Illo” in Kemiönsaari, Finland. The mine is 46 meters deep and the water is dark but the visibility was quite good (over 10 meters). This was a nice place to dive but you have to be careful or you could accidentally enter the mines because of some negative walls. #illo #icediving #winter #kemiönsaari #finlandcommon.seeMore

looks unreal 😮😮common.seeMore