We have seen so many touching and heart-warming stories shared to the Deepblu Dive Adventure Contest, more than we expected. Thanks for all the sharing. The contest has now come to an end and we are pleased to announce the winners of 5 COSMIQ⁺ units and 20 vouchers worth $99 each. We are using a 3rd-party RandomPicker to draw the lucky winners in a fair manner. Go to the link below to see if you are among them! https://goo.gl/XHgP1p #holiday #contest #winners #prizes... More
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Congratulations to the winners of the Mermaid Madness event! Dive on with your passion of deep blue :) Deepblu’s Pick: Deepblu's choice for Mermaid Madness is Anna R. Prokopovitch Her choice of turning a sad story into one of perseverance, adventure, and positive self image is one that not only women, but all, should look up to. She's an inspiration to those who wish to follow in her footsteps, and we're sure the best is yet to come for her. Sarah Richard’s Pick: Jamie Parent It's exactly what GTS is about. Empowering each other. And also, because we are a group of all women, who most likely will become or are mums, this is inspiring. Winner of Hearts: Evonnes Lai For Deepblu's Pick, you've won a COSMIQ+ dive computer. For Sarah's Pick, you've won a wetsuit sponsored by V.Dive Vertical. For Winner of Hearts, you've won a pair of Scuba Diving Fins sponsored by V.Dive Vertical. Congrats! #contest #Deepblu #mermaidmadness #event #winners... More
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And here are the winners of the V for Vertical event. Head over to the page to check it out. Big thanks to our Brand Ambassador William Winram and DeeperBlue to read all the posts and do the heavy lifting for us! Also thanks to @bluppfisk for using his Freediver lounge! Freedive on. #vforvertical #event #winners #william #winram #deeperblue... More
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Congratulations to Jeff Carmona and kienfei for winning the Bubble Buddies contest! We're sending one COSMIQ+ Dive Computer your way, Jeff! The $199 USD gift voucher goes to kienfei. #bubbleBuddies #winners #event #cosmiq... More
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And here are the winners! Visit the V for Vertical event page to find out who won prizes and read the personal comments from William Winram and Deeperblue. #winram #william #deeperblue #vforvertical #event #winners... More
?? Merry Christmas from all of us at Deepblu! We hope you have a wonderful day! ?? ?? Winners of Deepblu X'mas countdown, look here for some Christmas presents from us! ? Fast-Dry Towel: Explore_Aust, Laura, wvdiver2, Olive Chou, Ray Dee ? Luggage Tag: Madelaine0511, Kou Koushi, BillRacz, Eugene Lee, 李琮霈, missfue, Julie, Dayami, therwine, Brenda van Gestel, Mark Hagen, Ryan Scalf, Andres Vargas, Amanada M Lyons, Paul Hummel #MerryChristmas #Deepblu #Winners #HappyHolidays #Cheers... More

A very nice scuba christmas dream video... More

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