Hello everyone! We are here today with the winner announcement for Round 1 of the Motion of the Ocean Video Contest. Our first winner for this topic is Motionless by Andreas Gutierrez Fiskeseth. This is what VIP Judge Jeff Goodman of Scubaverse had to say: Andreas’ video kicked off with a beautiful and peaceful opening showing stunning images and some great camera moves. The healthy biodiversity of the dive site was captured well throughout the film. The accompanying music matched the images, building up to a crescendo that created a vibrant feel and then brought the audience back to the tranquility of the beginning which is exactly what diving is all about. Finally, the closing shot of a bearded scorpionfish was a fitting ending to an excellent film. Congratulations, Andreas, you are the winner of a brand new COSMIQ+ Dive Computer! Thanks for participating and we are excited to see more of your underwater videos in the future. Contest Details: https://www.deepblu.com/events/2017APR_VideoContest/ #MotionoftheOcean #video #contest #winner #Motionless... More
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Here is the winner of the COSMIQ+. She was so eager to try it that Sophie was planning to go to the local Car wash close by! ;-) Voici notre gagnante de l'ordinateur COSMIQ+. Sophie était tellement impatiente d'essayer son nouveau joujou qu'elle se préparait à aller l'essayer au Lave-Auto tout près! ;-) #apneacitytribe #apneacity #COSMIQ+ #Winner #contest #freedivinginthecity... More

Nice!!!!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻... More

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Awesome! Got my @deepblu luggage tag today!! Thank you! #deepblu #winner #luggagetag #keepcalmdiveon... More

I can surely add this to my bags 😬... More

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?Here come the winners!? ? ? Congratulations to the lucky winners of our #whalesharkguardian event! Thanks again for participating. And a special thank you to our event co-host @Shark Guardian!! Check out the event page to find out if you're in the winner list!⬇️ ⬇️ Don't forget to spread awareness and keep the "guardian spirit" for whale sharks.❤️ ❤️ #winner #spreadawareness #congratulations #sharkguardian #announcement #whalesharkguardian... More
From June 16th to July 3rd, ApneaCity has been running a contest that invited our fans to follow the adventures of the participants and instructor candidates during the Deep Diving Preparation and Training Workshop and the Instructor Course given by William Wirnam. All you had to do was to create a profile on the Deepblu platform, to follow ApneaCity, to post a comment on our page and finally to share one of our post on your Facebook page. We want to thank everybody that participated and that have joined the ApneaCity's page on Deepblu. We randomly picked one name out of all the participants and we are very happy to announce that the winner of our contest that merits a brand new COSMIQ+ is @Sophie Guiliguili. Congratulations Sophie, please contact us at francois.leduc@apneacity.com to arrange for claiming your price and choosing from the 5 different colors of the COSMIQ+. We are taking the opportunity to extend our launching offer until the end of July where you can buy your own COSMIQ+ for 399$CAN only and ApneaCity will be paying the taxes! DIVE ON! Contact us to get yours! #apneacitytribe #apneacity #contest #winner #deepblu #COSMIQ+ #freediving #friends #fun... More

J'ai choisi la noire. Elle sera parfaitement assortie avec ma pompe et mon autovent, et les ballons de toutes les couleurs que je vais bientôt devoir m'acheter.... More

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