Red Rock (Nangyuan Pinnacle), Ko Tao, Gulf of Thailand, Thailand
August 17, 2017 | 09:14
Looking down in to the water from the boat and I could see the sea bottom that I knew was at least 30m down. What amazing water clarity. We jumped in and swam to the Red Rock Pinnacle to descend. Some of the most amazing visibility I have ever encountered coupled with one of the strongest currents Ive encountered diving in Koh Tao. The water was fighting us the whole 20 minutes as we tried to make our way along the coastline. The only respite we received was when we entered the cave system which was clearer than the cleanest swimming pool. Amazing! There wasn't the same type of marine life that we usually encounter on this dive site, maybe the current was just to strong for them too? #current #kohtao #thailand #redrock #amazing #tired #exhausted #visibilty #swimmingpool #soclear #pinnacle #openwater #cave #diving... More
Dive Type
Max. Depth
16.2 m

thats a great spot, thanks for sharing... More