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And here are the winners of the V for Vertical event. Head over to the page to check it out. Big thanks to our Brand Ambassador William Winram and DeeperBlue to read all the posts and do the heavy lifting for us! Also thanks to @bluppfisk for using his Freediver lounge! Freedive on. #vforvertical #event #winners #william #winram #deeperblue... More
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2015,year that i started to think that i have to do something new. my former job was being an actress. such a boring job , well the salary was good but thats not what i want in mylife. then my friend came up with idea "how about we go travelling?" , adventure to the place we never know that its exist. iam a big city girl the only "adventure" i've got is my family holiday or going out on vacation with my friends. in a hotel, with a suitcase, nothing special , nothing interesting. so without so much thinking i approve her idea. we make a long list of what we wannna do. but before that we have to add some new skills. indonesia is an archipelagic country. which makes our destination mostly related to the ocean. but swimming on a surface isnt enough to enjoy the magnificent of indonesian sea, so we decided to scubadiving at first. a years go by, diving in some places, i immediatly falling in love with underwater world. this is my place. this is what i wanna do. and i wonder how it feels like to dive without tanks. so I'm searching about freediving. meet some people who introduce me to freediving. so i join the community and learn about it and got my PADI freediving license in bali. long story short, after long journey searching for my passion and what i wanna do in my life, finally i found it in freediving.. i remembered the first time i dive without tank and any scuba gear, just depends on my body on my breath on my mind, i feel so relaxed, happier and calmer. sometimes i close my eyes, feel the water touching my skin, surrender to the sea. i become one with the ocean itself. thats the feeling i loved the most about freediving. this is my kind of meditation. for me freediving is personal. we can share the experience the story about it but the sensation itself can only be felt by yourself.. just you, your creator and the sea.... ps: sorry if my english writing is bad.. hehe #freediving #padifreediver #indonesiafreediver #apnea #vforvertical... More

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Look what came in the post today?! My V.Dive Vertical prize bounty from the V for Vertical contest. I couldn't be happier with my fins and weight belt; both fab quality, I can't wait to try them out in the water. Thanks so much!!! #happywinner #vdive #vforvertical #freedive #happywinner... More

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And here are the winners! Visit the V for Vertical event page to find out who won prizes and read the personal comments from William Winram and Deeperblue. #winram #william #deeperblue #vforvertical #event #winners... More
Blessed to experience my first shipwreck freedive session a few days ago with my crew. Felt like sharing it and recommend it to everyone, as simple as that. Thanks Deepblu to make this community alive & keep up the good work. Yewww Dive site : USAT Liberty- Bali #deepblu #vforvertical #onebreathathetime #Liberty #Bali #apneista... More

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Hello freedivers! This group is hosting its first online freediving event together with Deepblu! We want you to tell us your best freediving story and in return you can win a full set of dive gear from V.Dive and Deepblu. Just don't forget to select the V For Vertical topic when you're posting! More details on the event page below :) Happy freediving! bluppfisk https://events.deepblu.com/2017jun_vforvertical/ #freediving #vForVertical #event #Deepblu... More

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When I was a kid, I probably have zero knowledge about the geography. What I knew was, I can play sand on the beach, I scream when the waves come. There was my memories of the beach. But as soon as I grew up, I understand there are various factors of formation in the island. It comes with different appearances and characteristics from different form of process. Its just like life, people grow in different background has different stories to tell. Someone told me art therapy is an effective way to calm emotions and thoughts. When you need to make a good choice, draw waves and circles. Hence, I choose waves. I don’t know where the island will take me but I’m enjoying the dive. I don’t know where it will take me but I know I trust the island to lead the way, I trust it to take me to all the places that its love and all the places that people used to dive. And even though I'm just started my first level of free diving, I’m ready to dive a sea, I’m ready to be on the bottom of the isla #V #VforVertical... More

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My winning article from the V for Vertical contest. A tale of my first week in freediving and how I got from 6 - 32 metres by unlocking the secrets of mindfulness. #freediving #freedivers #mindfulness #vforvertical... More

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I dove down to take pictures of a pod of dolphins. Couldn’t tell you the exact length of time or depth I was down there for, but I could tell you it was the longest I have been underwater. A curious newly born dolphin broke away from its mother and swam around me three times. My mind was at ease, I was in the moment, I was soaking in the experience. My thoughts were concentrated on the moment and nothing else. Wasn’t thinking about how much air I had or how deep I was. When I resurfaced I was excited but also came to the realization to the trick of diving deeper and longer. IT WAS THE MENTAL ASPECT and not only the physical. Ever since then I have been able to keep progressing steadily, but always with great respect for the ocean and the creatures who live in the peaceful underwater world. #vforvertical #calf #spinnerdolphins... More

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