Deepblu Anniversary Update available! This week, it is exactly one year since we launched the COSMIQ. We want to show that we continue to support our users long after they purchase or sign up. As proof of our commitment, we are now announcing the Deepblu Anniversary Update, a software update that brings new features to the Deepblu platform and applications, as well as the COSMIQ Dive Computer. The software update is per direct available. Users of the web platform need only refresh their browser, while users of the applications can update their software via the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. The COSMIQ firmware update can be installed by first updating the mobile app, and then synchronizing the COSMIQ with the mobile phone. Some of the changes in the Deepblu Anniversary Update include: * A new pre-dive screen on the COSMIQ will help divers verify their settings before jumping in * The new power-saving mode extends the autonomy of the COSMIQ to up to 12 hours per charge * Freedivers will also welcome the adjustable backlight brightness, which allows them to feel even more one with the ocean than before. * Fresh/Salt water toggle will be replaced by a High Salinity setting which you only need for very salty water. * The Deepblu iOS and Android apps have received some major UI changes * Sharing dive logs to Facebook, Twitter or other social media looks more beautiful than ever with the new share images that include photography and dive stats * and many more... For more information about the new functionality on your COSMIQ, please refer to the COSMIQ User Manual. We'd like to thank all of our users for their support and feedback which has helped shape Deepblu into the platform it is today! #cosmiq #anniversary #update #software #deepblu... More
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Deepblu 2.8.2 is here with new updates, including the option of reviewing a dive spot. Help keep the community informed and share your best thoughts on your favorite dives! Download it right at app startup. #deepblu #divespotreview #newrelease #update... More
An update on the rescued divers. #philippines #canada #rescue #update ... More
Deepblu Update! Dive training agencies @IDA Worldwide, @ITDA Group International and @DIWA International have adopted Deepblu to complete their e-learning programs with Deepblu digital dive logs. This means that you can now log your dives on Deepblu instead of on paper, and get them digitally certified by your instructor. To celebrate, we have released a new update with which we're introducing organizations and businesses profiles on Deepblu. Download the update to find @Green Fins, @TAVEUNI DIVE RESORT, @The Watermen Project and other organizations on the Community tab. Follow them now to receive the latest news! #update #organizations #deepblu #greenfins... More
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Deepblu Update: Planning and Sorting Just Got Easier
November 30, 2017 | 06:37
The latest Deepblu update is packed with new features, come see what we've done. #deepblu #update #tech #upgrade #newversion... More
The Wait is Over: We Welcome Shearwater to Deepblu Connect
December 21, 2017 | 03:11
Select Shearwater devices are now able to seamlessly upload dive logs to Deepblu. #deepbluconnect #shearwater #technology #update... More
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