I have a very soft spot for this place. Tioman Island will always be in my yearly dive plan ever since I first got my Open Water license in 2014. I will make sure to keep coming back to Tioman Island with all my dive buddies of #diveculture and #kalkatudivers 😄. And yes, the island will be opening soon after closing for 2 months due to monsoon season. Now, Let's go diving guys..🐋🐠🐡 Info: Tioman Island closed due to monsoon: between Nov to Feb Open to public: March to Nov #mySpot #tiomanisland #pulautioman #deepblu ... More

super nice beach :)... More

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Tioman Island is my favourite place. I really enjoy it on every single dive over and over again. Even dive the same site 5 times and I'll will get 5 very different expriences at Labas Island, Chebeh, Malang Rock, Salang Bay and other dive spot in Tioman. I would like to say 'this is my most comfortable place to dive' #mySpot #diveon #tiomanisland #malaysia... More

Top 10 best island in Malaysia 🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻... More

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Jellyfish in Tioman.. #tiomanisland #jellyfish... More

i find jelly fish on pictures always pretty cool... More

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