Much has changed since this underwater photo shoot from the 1930s - photography technology and swimwear among other things. #uwphotography #tbt... More
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#Tbt to our Socorro Manta Research trip in April! What a great time we had! Find more about our upcoming trips at http://www.diveninjaexpeditions.com/dive-travel/ ... More

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#tbt - I took this photo several years ago. This very shy tiger shark would just not come in close enough to get a photo. I did dive, after dive, after dive for hours trying to get her to come in. I sat on the bottom at 25m, I hid behind rocks on the bottom, I pretended to ignore her but she stayed out of range at the limit of visibility. It was my last dive of the day and then we were leaving back to port. I dove, looking in the opposite direction from her and sank down. The photo is a bit grainy as the light was low since we were late in the day. As I levelled out I made sure to hide my face behind my camera as I watched her swimming towards me through the lens of my camera…closer and closer she came. I felt myself getting really excited…too excited and I was worried I would scare her off. Finally as she was meters from me I took a look over the top of the camera and the moment she saw my eyes, she turned, paused and looked at me and then swam off. #tbt... More

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