It's been almost two years that I haven't eaten meat (without the exception of fish). I woke up one day and realized that I felt like a huge hypocrite with all my conservation efforts and still feeding into an industry that contributes to a huge percentage of pollution (not to mention terrifying living conditions for a lot of livestock). Since that day, I have embarked on a journey of hunting, gathering and growing much of my own food. I never imagined knowing where your food came from could be so satisfying. I by no means want to press my opinions on to anyone, but rather just want to share my journey like so many of my incredible friends have on their paths to eating (and living) more sustainably. When you become more connected to your food, you become more connected to your environment. #divetosurvive #sustainableliving #lovethelifeyoulive #livesimple #freedive #hawaii #ocean #divetosurvive #sustainableliving #lovethelifeyoulive #livesimple #freedive #hawaii #ocean... More

Brad- 100%. It's baffling... and what continues to blow my mind is that people think hunting is barbaric! Apparently their mass produced, ill-treated steak just jumped on the plate...... More

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