Hi everyone! My name is Ashleigh and I'm a competitive freediver. I was born and raised in central Florida, and for as long as I can remember I've been completely enamoured by the underwater world. My super hero wish as a kid was to be able to hold my breath for 10 minutes and dive as deep as a dolphin ? Growing up here allowed me to experience the water in many ways - whether it was on a beach, in the keys, or in the freshwater springs (one of which is pictured below). Over the years I've slowly learned how to push my limits further and further, but the beautiful springs here in Florida always call me back from the sea. They are not terribly deep, but their spirit and beauty has stolen my heart. These are my absolute favorite places to freedive. It is my dream to share these incredible sites with the world and to help protect them from the many man-made threats they are facing today. If you ever find yourself here in Florida, be sure to visit them and tell me what you think! #freedive #Florida #springs #love #onebreath... More

Wow thanks for sharing! Will absolutely go try if I got a chance :)... More

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Sometimes its good to look back at where we came from, the view can be just as interesting ✌ #girlswhofreedive #Florida #springs #aquifer #cave... More

!!!!!!! stunning!!!!!!!... More

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