The film was shot at Chumphon Pinnacle in Koh Tao, Thailand. We do get Whale Sharks around this area from time to time but this was my 772nd dive and I had never seen a Whale Shark until now so it was a very special moment for me. The fact that I was diving with it all by myself for a full dive is fairly unheard of. When a whale shark turns up on a dive/snorkel site it can be quite hectic and can really ruin the whole experience and sometimes even stress the animal out. People really do go a little crazy when they see a whale shark, it really is an overwhelming experience. But having the quiet and time to carefully choose my shots and placing in the water and how relaxed the whole situation was is what really made the experience stand out. There were times when I stopped filming and just stared at this creature floating by me so gracefully. I have encountered several other Whale Sharks after this one but this one will be pretty tough to beat! #whalesharkguardian #whaleshark #kohtao #chumphonpinnacle #solodive #diving #whalesharkguardiancommon.seeMore

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Yesterday I successfully completed the course and been certified as a Solo Diver. Now I can dive alone. #solodiver #solodivecommon.seeMore

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A day I will never forget! My third solo dive and my first Whale Shark! On the 5th of March at Champion Pinnacle I jumped into the water at 735am and filmed the fusiliers for a good half hour when suddenly something made me want to look up. Right in front of me a Whale Shark was passing by. I couldn't believe it. I was so excited and overwhelmed I had to tell myself to keep it together, I had a job to do. I spent the next 35 minutes of my dive with this Whale Shark all to myself. It really wasn't bothered by my presence at all. I kept a respectful distance at all times and gathered as many shots and angles as I possibly could. I didn't know if I would ever see a Whale Shake again. This one will always be special as I couldn't have asked for a better first encounter! #whalesharkguardian #whaleshark #kohtao #chumphon #chumphonpinnacle #selfreliant #solodive #firstcommon.seeMore

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