As we're all recovering from an exciting DEMA show, Deeperblue has released a sneak peek of our Deepblu social platform. #dema #deepblu #social... More
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Careful, scuba diving may seriously harm your love life. #social #love... More
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Remember a while ago when we donated 10 COSMIQ Dive Computers to Scuba for Change, the social scuba enterprise from the Philippines? Well, last week they received their package and immediately took it for a spin at Puerto Galera near Manila. Scuba For Change invests 100% of its profits into improving the livelihoods for locals in developing nations and funds programs fighting child exploitation. They’re also partnering with Stairway Foundation, Inc. to create a dive academy to help marginalized youth in the Philippines build meaningful careers in the Philippines' world-renowned dive industry, and teach them about the benefits and importance of ocean conservation. You can help by donating to their cause, or going diving with them in beautiful Puerto Galera, just outside Manila! #scubaforchange #social #enterprise #philippines #puertogalera... More
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That helps strengthen social bonds and makes feeding more efficient. #mantarays #marine #behavior #social... More