Diving with sharks without a cage: the where, the why, the how. #scuba #sharkdiving #extreme #marinelife #shark... More
This sounds more amazing than scary! #sharkdiving #pro #boats ... More
So much for the cage... #greatwhites #sharkdiving #cagediving... More
the Cage, South Eleuthera, Bahamas
January 6, 2018 | 09:00
Chad Sinden, PADI Instructor with Ocean Fox Cotton Bay, his favorite site when not diving with sharks; but occasionally a few sharks show up. #oceanfoxcottonbay #sharkdiving #wall #eleutherabahamas... More
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25.9 m
Seen at ADEX. Maybe something to consider for shark divers or surfers, besides the awesome design www.radiator.net #diveon #sharkdiving #surfers... More

One of the most comfortable suits I have tired on. ... More

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magical... More

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Oh, the internet.... #sharkdiving #fakenews #viral #video... More
They're not the villains people used to think they were. #greatwhites #sharks #sharkdiving #tourism #australia... More
🍋🦈! About time to get back in the water and hang out with the lemons. Our gills are getting a bit dry. ・・・・・・・・・ Looking for some sweet Shark Apparel? Grab some on our site! 🔗Link in Profile🔗 ・・・・・・・・・ Do you ❤ Sharks? Be sure to LIKE❤, SHARE👥, FOLLOW👣 #bornofwater #scubadiving #underwater #wildlife #sharkdiving #divingwithsharks #scuba #sharks #scubadiverslife #shark #sharkdiver #sharkfreediver #sharkfreediving #diving #dive #scubadiver #sealife #lemonshark #scubadive #scubalife... More
Can you imagined? This is truly somewhere in the world, and lot sharks dive around you. Video source: Jim Abernethy #caribbeansea #bahamas #sharkdiving... More

Incredible. Just another amazing thing that can only happen diving. I'm curious what those things that look like broomsticks are next to the divers on their knees in that video. Shark poker?... More

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Lemon sharks feeding frenzy. Knowing the true nature of sharks. The lemon shark (Negaprion brevirostris) is a stocky and powerful shark. Lemon sharks can grow to 3.4 metres (11 ft) in length. They are often found in shallow subtropical waters and are known to inhabit and return to specific nursery sites for breeding. Often feeding at night, these sharks use electroreceptors to find their main source of prey: fish. Lemon sharks enjoy the many benefits of group living such as enhanced communication, courtship, predatory behavior, and protection. This species of shark gives birth to live young, and the females are polyandrous and have a biennial reproductive cycle. Lemon sharks are not thought to be a large threat to humans. The Lemon Shark loves the tropical and subtropical waters in coastal areas of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Sharks are curious, cautious and sentient creatures they are among the most vulnerable, valuable and misunderstood animals on the planet. Protect The Sharks #sharks #sharkdiving #sharkfeeding #sharkfreenzy #scubadiving #sharkbehavior... More

Hey Ramon, welcome! You may want to join the tech dive group https://www.deepblu.com/community/group/4... More

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Beqa Lagoon, Beqa Island, Fiji
August 16, 2017 | 10:30
Day 2 of the shark dives at "The Cathedral" the shark dive site of Beqa Lagoon Resort. If you havent done this dive before, put it on your bucket list. We did two dives today, both same stats roughly. Weather was overcast and sea quite choppy - was a tad nervous on the clamber from the transfer tinny into the dive boat I can tell you. Im wearing a 7mm suit so having to wear lots of weight to stay down (you want to be negative on the bottom) - call me a princess but after a year of diving the Great Barrier Reef in the warm waters of Cairns, I dont like cold water diving anymore! I got a tad cold today even in a 7mm The boat moors on top of a bommie, and at the bottom is 'the arena' where you sit behind a short curved wall or ( like me and a few others who have done this before) off the end of the wall so there is nothing but sand and water between you and the sharks! Its about 20-23 mtrs deep, and you have DMs behind the line of divers with poles to nudge any sharks getting a bit too curious and close away from you so it feels completely safe. In front the wall, you have the shark feeders. They dont hand feed here for except certain sharks. Absolutely exhilarating when once they know you are comfortable with the food drops, and the feeding craziness that follows, they start to drop the food a lot closer in front of you and it drifts down so the sharks come at you real fast! Suddenly you have swarms of little fish and massive bull sharks and lemon sharks all vying for the food scraps falling to the sea floor. The other feeder is on the sea floor, throwing fish heads about for the fish to fight over. Unfortunately I had camera issues today, losing a fibre optic cable somehow between the first and second dives, and my shutter button was sticking so it wasnt focusing properly, but luckily I had given my brother my gopro and he captured some cool stuff despite not knowing whether it was on or off half the time haha, so the first photo is a screen grab from part of his video. Shame I cant load that short clip to give you a real feel for it. The others are not the best photos due to the focusing issues I had but there is always tomorrow. The young bull with the rope cutting into his neck we first noticed when we were here in June for Shark School. It is still here but unless that rope is removed it will slowly get strangled as it grows. We are hoping that along with the shark expert with us again for Shark School and the Beqa team of shark divers, that we can successfully remove that rope this week. #seageek #beqalagoon #sharkdiving... More
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22 m

wait.. i come :P... More

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