Once upon a time whale sharks visit Boracay Island ;) Its one of the few documented encounters in our area, happened in July 2015 at our Camia II wreck. We still don't know if we will ever see it again and we really, really want to. There was documented sightings in 2010 at the same dive-spot and one more in May 2016 at Yapak dive-site. Seems like few whale sharks migrate through our waters annually midyear, I wish we had more data on whale shark migration patterns, so I could tell you more. Here is more info about what we do know about shark migration: https://www.sharksider.com/whale-shark-migration-travel/ #whalesharkguardian #boracay #philippines #camia #sidemount #hollis #apeks #seaworldboracay #sms50 #wsx25... More

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!!... More

Malabunot's Reef, Boracay, Western Visayas, Philippines
August 31, 2017 | 09:37
Fun-diving with Grant from UK. Was quite good, we started at Malabunot and finished close to Crocodile. #oceanreef #idm #apeks #aqualung #boracay #seaworldboracay... More
Dive Type
Max. Depth
12 m

Mimi, I just like diving without regulator in my mouth and breathe through my nose, but I admit sometimes I have an itch on my cheek, eyebrows or nose and I can't do much about it ;) Anyway, I only use IDM for fun-diving and advanced courses. Can't use it for teaching DSD and Open Water, yet.... More

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