Why every girl should dive Everywoman should scuba because it’s a perfect first step into that intimate encounter with the ocean that we all yearn for deep in our soul. I feel that us women have a lot to deal with – mansplaining and slutshaming and catcalls and bodyshaming and rape and the list goes on forever. But the sea washes all that away. Everytime I’m underwater - finning through a huge school of bannerfish, blowing vortex rings at triggerfish, turtlewhispering, or drowning in the shrill whistles and clicks of a hundred dolphins – I feel my soul sing. All thoughts fade away. I leave the world of men behind. Bright fish dart around me, and sunlight falls through the water in shafts that shimmer all 57 shades of blue. There is no past or future – I am in the moment and fully present. And of course, there is that raw, feminine essence of the sea. The sea calls out to something primitive and primal in me. When I return to the ocean, I feel a deep contentment. I cant quite explain it in words, but I feel such happiness when a turtle swims up to me in curiosity, or when an eagle ray wheels about to regard me. And I wish that every woman could feel this too, because it resonates so deeply in the feminine soul. With scuba, they can. The amazing thing about scuba is that it is so accessible. Almost anyone can dive. It isn’t physically demanding, nor unreasonably expensive, and with so many dive destinations you don’t have to travel. far The OWD course is straightforward and simple. You choose how deep (heh heh) you want to get into diving. I did my OWD course in 2008 and worked my way up to PADI instructor in 2015. Personally, I enjoy a combination of scuba, freediving and mermaiding for my ocean fix. While freediving is really cool, I think scuba is a better gateway to the ocean for beginners. With a tank, we have more time to stop and smell the roses (or spot the shrimp rather). And there's nothing quite like the hiss and bubble of breathing compressed air <3 *** About me: I’m a professional mermaid in Maldives (IG:@azuramermaid). I wear a 15kg (33lb) silicone prosthetic that binds my legs together tightly and perform at an underwater restaurant 6m (18ft) under the sea while holding my breath. As anyone who has dived in Maldives can appreciate, the sea is fickle and unpredictable and I often find myself struggling furiously against currents and swells. No matter the sea condition, I feel safe in the ocean, and a huge part of that is thanks to my diving career. My dive training taught me to keep myself safe in the sea, and taught me about my limits and inculcated a healthy respect for the ocean and its denizens. Ps. Check out my other post for my #originstory (: #scuba #girlswhoscuba #maldives #mermaid #promermaid #aquaholic #oceanlover #originstory... More