Pipe Dreams, Big Island, Hawaii, United States
January 27, 2018 | 10:01
Beautiful dive as always at Pipe Dreams. Super clear water, and very, very minimal current. Water was COLD (76F), I think coldest I've felt in a very long time... no sun either. Went down to the bottom of the pipe (around 110ft - I bottomed at 108ft). Felt a tad dizzy as I usually do around that depth, so came back up slowly. Saw a beautiful manta ray (video attached) cruise by, shortly followed by a small eagle ray. Shortly after, had some major mask fog-age, I think due to the gunk I had put around it leaking through, to keep it sealed w/ my beard. Oh well.. ended up lots of mask clearing, rubbing, and air blowing, which I think messed me up a bit. First time trying new regulator - works well. Very, very tired after the dive though... not quite DCS, but not feeling great, I think my breathing was off due to mask issues. Dive was w/ Darrel, Mike, Judy and Johannes. It was Mike's birthday.common.seeMore
32.9 common.unit.meter