Vania Kam caught the attention of Scuba Diving magazine editors with her photo submissions in the 2016 Through Your Lens photo contest. Her image pictured below took home the Grand Prize. #uwphotography #photocontest #interviewcommon.seeMore
Check out the winning image and honorable mentions from Sport Diver Magazine's March Photo Contest focusing on the theme of "people". #uwphotography #photocontest #SportDiver #contest #competitioncommon.seeMore
The deadline for Scubashooters.net's Deep Vision Photo Contest has been extended until February 28th, 2017. They want to make sure that contestants have more time to travel and shoot more to get the perfect shot. That means you have more than 2 weeks to submit your most amazing shots, enter the contest and win great prizes. Visit the website for full contest details. #uwphotography #scubashooters #photocontestcommon.seeMore