Red Rock (Nangyuan Pinnacle), Ko Tao, Gulf of Thailand, Thailand
August 12, 2017 | 09:20
This dive is on a pinnacle that is situated on the east side of Nang Yuan Island. You can see the red hue of the pinnacle from the surface. I was filming a group of 16 (the numbers keep getting bigger and bigger) on their open water course. We descend down the side of the pinnacle and can spot fusiliers, giant trivally, titan triggerfish, parrotfish, batfish, butterfly fish and many nudis. There is a deep crack at the base of the rock that you can peer into and can see stingrays, jenkins ray and even one time a stone fish! After you have explored this pinnacle you head for coast of Nang Yuan and explore the corals. We were able to spot rabbitfish, various types of butterfly and angelfish and a hawksbill turtle. It was just emerging from under a coral table as we were passing. What luck! It didn't seem bothered by our presence at all and let us float around a check him out. #redrock #kohtao #nangyuan #thailand #turtle #trevally #rabbitfish #pinnacle #hawksbill #openwater #diving #underwatervideography... More
Dive Type
Max. Depth
17.4 m

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