New Mission! Answer the questions and get one more entry to the drawing! (Make sure to follow Shark Guardian first!) Questions: What's the best thing about whale sharks? How far would you go to protect them? What's your relationship with whale sharks? Comment below! #mission #whalesharks #sharkguardian #awareness #win... More
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Scared of whale shark, you should be!! They are impressive predator, they will chase you and they will eat you. Furthermore they are well equiped 300 of teeth. However they will not even use them so feel release they are not gonna tear you appart, You'll be swallow in one gulp! Able to eat up to 1tones of food per day. So fear the giant whale shark, but fear it only if you are a zooplankton because they are good chance that next time you'll be vaccum into its giant mouth. :D #whalesharkguardian #whalesharks #mission #awarness #sharkguardian #whalesharkguardian... More

Seems like you've found the way! Awesome picture btw 👌... More

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