Congratulations to the winners of the Mermaid Madness event! Dive on with your passion of deep blue :) Deepblu’s Pick: Deepblu's choice for Mermaid Madness is Anna R. Prokopovitch Her choice of turning a sad story into one of perseverance, adventure, and positive self image is one that not only women, but all, should look up to. She's an inspiration to those who wish to follow in her footsteps, and we're sure the best is yet to come for her. Sarah Richard’s Pick: Jamie Parent It's exactly what GTS is about. Empowering each other. And also, because we are a group of all women, who most likely will become or are mums, this is inspiring. Winner of Hearts: Evonnes Lai For Deepblu's Pick, you've won a COSMIQ+ dive computer. For Sarah's Pick, you've won a wetsuit sponsored by V.Dive Vertical. For Winner of Hearts, you've won a pair of Scuba Diving Fins sponsored by V.Dive Vertical. Congrats! #contest #Deepblu #mermaidmadness #event #winners... More
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My first time scuba diving, I thought I would never do it again! I did my Open Water in Greece on a watersports holiday; being a total water baby (sailing instructor at the time) I thought I would love it BUT I panicked a lot and visibility was really poor so not an experience I wanted to repeat. 3 years later I decided to go travelling to Australia and on my bucket list... diving on the Great Barrier Reef of course... I guzzled air and freaked out a bit but from then on I was hooked - turtles, sharks, rays, anemone fish and of course the maori wrasse! My 2nd dive on the GBR was a date with a guy I met in Cairns, a few months later I did my Advanced PADI on a liveaboard with my sister, 35 dives (in Australia, Fiji, New Zealand and the Philippines) and just over a year later we were diving in Port Douglas and he proposed on the bow of the boat! Safe to say now it is my favourite thing in the world for many reasons! Girls, there is nothing like the feeling of diving.. peace, excitement, freedom, quiet from the world above. I find now instead of causing me to panic as it did in the beginning it helps me be mindful and calm the anxiety I feel in other areas of my life! #mermaidmadness #scubadiving #girlsthatscuba... More
Very true! Haha Mermaids come and share your stories! #mermaidmadness #girlpower... More
When I was just a little kid I remember sitting to hear my dad’s friends stories about diving. I remember listening to those wonderful stories in awe, like if they were taken from some kind of magical world, or they were part of a fairy tale. I could listen to them for hours and wanted always more. I always felt so attached to water, as if I belonged to that world. When I graduated from high school my mother asked me what did I want, I told her I wanted to dive, to become a diver. That was 4 years ago, when my dream started to come true. It was then when I realised that I was right, I did belong to the water, to the ocean. Because that moment, that feeling of being underwater, listening only to my breaths or if I’m lucky a magnificent whale singing, admiring the wonderful life that actually does look like taken from a fairy tale, is in that moment when I’m the happiest. I’m a divemaster now and I truly hope to be someone’s inspiration one day like Claudia and Glen were to me. #mermaidmadness #girlsthatscuba... More
My boyfriend always wanted me to dive. I didn't like this idea at all, i even discarted the idea of studying Marine Biology because of diving. When I finally tried diving, I was not really glowing. Then he broke up (one of his reasons: he wanted to make a living from diving which was not possible where we lived). I filled the void with a Scuba Diving (Open Water) Course, and guess what, i really liked it! I met some people who encouraged me a lot and when I did a sabatical I finished my Divemaster Course. Two years and 300 dives after my OWC I was a Intructor myself, met my previous boyfriend again and now (since more than 5 years) we are travelling the world together working in the most beautiful places we can find! Girls should scuba and conquer this male dominated area because we are better, we think differently and we are more aware of safety, which doesn't mean we are boring divers. No Risk, No Fun, but always stay safe!! #maldives #aquapunks #bestjobever #mermaidmadness #scubadivinggirls... More

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I've always had this love for the sea: I had snorkelled, a couple of years I surfed and now I do paddleboard ... and although my heart wanted to go deeper; my low income and lack of information did not allow me to do it before the age of 30. This year thanks to a person I love very much (and that his desire was to find a perfect birthday gift), he gave me the opportunity to start working as a consultant in Digital marketing at Ocean Reef Dive School, and now at my age 34 I'm about to have my OW license and every obstacle I had is gone. Diving has led me to prove to myself what I am made of, to pass my own limits and find a new self, floating there in that blue silence between marine species and my inner God. I dream of sharing it with my daughter as soon as she grows more, even her name is inspired by the sea! I am from Ecuador, and as a tourism professional I always observed from far all the people who used to dive ... now it's me who goes deep into the sea! My next challenges are: dive with Giant Mantas in the mainland of my country and dive in our paradise that are the Galapagos Islands where snorkeling was never enough for me! Why should girls dive? Because there is no challenge that a woman can't reach, because even if you are broken inside the feeling that you have diving is insuperable and if you believe in a God ... there you'll find Him easy. You will return to that feeling of being amazed as when you were a little girl :) #Ecuador #Ayangue #mermaidmadness... More