"The challenge is big: research points to the possibility that 50% of our coral reefs have died in the last 30 years." #corals #reefs #marinebiology ... More
Humpback Hero Saves Snorkeler 
January 11, 2018 | 03:45
In 28 years of research, marine biologist Nan Hauser had never seen a whale approach her the way this one did. In the end, the creature was a real life saver. #deepbluOriginal #whales #humpbacks #nanhauser #research #marinebiology #tigersharks #rescue... More
The world needs more future marine biologists! #study #marinebiology #future ... More
A great news story on Day 1 Of 2018 & an update on Lady Turtle. We are all so excited as Lady no longer has to be tube fed after 8 months. She is getting stronger by the day & she is one heck of s fighter. We have had to put a sun shirt on her to protect her shell as she cannot yet sit on the bottom of the pool. Delighted & excited is an understatement in the Marine Bio Centre today at Barefoot Island #science #marinebiology part of what we do. #BarefootManta #Yasawa #Fiji #science #marinebiology #BarefootManta #Yasawa #Fiji... More

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"The idea that sharks will immediately attack humans is a misperception propagated by scary shark movies." #sharks #science #film #marinebiology... More
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Is it, or isn't it? You make the call. #spain #greatwhites #marinebiology ... More
Loleo 1, North Maluku, Maluku Utara, Indonesia
May 13, 2018 | 08:42
The shallow sunlit reefs of Loleo provided the perfect opportunity for some macro photography! You can see the Axial and Radial corallites of these Acropora corals. Learn more about corallites here: https://reefdivers.io/what-is-a-corallite/6380... More
Dive Type
Max. Depth
31.5 m
Avg. Depth
11.9 m
Coming soon from Ocean Sanctuaries: in partnership with REEF, we will be offering a certification in Marine citizen science. Sometime in early 2017, Ocean Sanctuaries plans to offer a joint certification in marine citizen scientist, with REEF.org. It will consist of two parts: the first part will be offered through REEF and consist of a basic fish and marine life identification course, specific to the West Coast or the Pacific Northwest, to be taken online at the REEF website--a course which has been available now for a number of years. The second portion of the course, to be offered through OS, will be a non-marine citizen science skills course, offering basic scientific and methodological skills which needed by a citizen scientist. Since this will be one of the first certifications of its kind to be offered, OS would be interested in getting beta feedback on the non-marine of the course. The idea would be to provide a link to the second portion of the course here in this #citizenscience #marinebiology... More

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