If you're worried about fishing the seas dry, there may be good news. The so-called "twilight zone", a region between 200-1000m below the surface, is essentially a larder brimming with undiscovered species. So plentiful are the fish that World War Two-era oceanographers thought their sonar had detected the ocean bottom at 200m, while all they detected was scores of fish reflecting the sonar signal. This riveting BBC article delves into the hows and whys of deepsea fishing. #deepsea #fishing #industry #twilight #larder... More
PADI has been sold for over $700 million USD to a group of wealthy families and endowments. What does this mean for the largest diving certification and training agency? #PADI #business #industry #training #certification... More
Recreational scuba diving came of age in the Cayman islands, setting an example for diving hotspots around the world. This feature article from Scuba Diving Magazine explores the "pioneers and personalities, risks and rewards, dreams and discoveries" that has helped made the Caymans one of the premier diving destinations in the Caribbean and the world. #scuba #industry #caymanislands #history... More