Sail Rock on the 9th May 2017 at 8am. We had left at 5:20am so that we would be the first boat on the dive site, have a better chance of spotting a Whale Shark and have it all to ourselves! This Whale Shark came to join us on our dive and really tried its best to show us all it had. It stuck with us for our whole dive. I think we were the star attraction for it, not the other way around! #whalesharkguardian #whaleshark #sailrock #gulfofthailand... More
Yellow Margin Triggerfish - a lovestory Koh Tao, Thailand Canon EOS D7 - Tamron 17-50 - Ikelite #emotionoftheocean #yellowmargin #triggerfish #inlove #kohtao #thailand #gulfofthailand #motionoftheocean... More

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Sail Rock 9th of May 2017 at 10am on our second dive of the day. We had spotted a Whale Shark on the first dive and Im not entirely sure if this is the same Whale Shark or not. I have tried to compare the marking and give a guess at size but think Whale Shark Guardian would be able to have a better idea than I. Sail Rock is a really great dive site and your chances of seeing a Whale Shark are greatly increased. This was also around the time when t=we were seeing Whale Shark every day at all sorts of sites around this area. Was really encouraging to see so many of varying sizes. #whalesharkguardian #whaleshark #sailrock #gulfofthailand... More
A Whale Shark that I got to see on my birthday! Seen on March 24th 2017 at Sail Rock, Gulf of Thailand at 11am. It was our second dive of the day and the Instructor I was filming had made a joke about seeing a Whale Shark and getting so excited they would be playing the drums with their tank banger. As soon as we jumped into the water BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG. We could see the shadowy outline of a large Whale Shark. We cruised over and swam alongside as this Whale Shark moved back and forth across the pinnacle before disappearing into the thermocline. What a wonderful birthday present and very special treat for our customers! They were ecstatic! #whalesharkguardian #whaleshark #sailrock #kohtao #gulfofthailand #birthday... More

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