Some pictures from todays hunt in Lukksundet, Tysnes #frivannsliv #spearfihing #freediving #norway... More
Peder knows what to do! Øygarden, west of Bergen! #frivannsliv #spearfishing #freediving... More
The moment After several days with nice catch of fish and stunning experiences comes the moment that has gotten stuck in my mind. The visibility is great. Two big cods of around 8 and 10 kg are already hanging on the line of the buoy.   Suddenly we see something shimmer down in the darkness below us, in the deep shadows far down there. It’s only us out here, in the big vast ocean.   A large group of cods are swimming in a circular motion. We see the contour of the shape and the silhouette. They are big.   We take a deep breath. One. Two. Three. The time stops.   Slowly we sink into the blue. Not making a sound. Descending. No air bubbles are released. We don’t want to frighten the fish. We pass 10 meters below, and the fish starts to spread. I close in on the one who is in the best shooting position, but I’m holding back the shot. I sink closer. I wait. Closer.   The one next to it is even bigger. Aiming. Waiting. Sinking closer.   I'm at 15 meters deep now. The fish are no longer beneath me. They are around me. Just as I'm about to pull the trigger for a second time I decide to wait.   Suddenly I see the light shimmer of the back of a huge cod. There it is. The one. The biggest in the flock. It is shy, and it’s keeping its distance.   Two quiet kicks with my long fins. No sudden movements now. I keep seeping closer. The cod is aware of me and turns away. Another big cod is about to block the line of sight. The moment has come.   With a final kick I slide into reach and aim into the fleshy area in the neck of the cod. At this range the spear will possibly not penetrate through the massive cod head.   I gently squeeze the trigger. This is it!   The shaft of the speargun hits home. The fish crashes against the depths. It is strong. I swim against the surface. The catching line snows through my neoprene gloves. On my way up I hear a familiar sound. A spear is fired. I look behind me. My wingman, the Wolff, has gotten a nice cod as well. As i glance through the water, the sunlight dances like in a mighty cathedral as we both rice towards the surface. As I breach the surface I fill my lungs with fresh air, but my focus is in the depths. Calmly I pull the fish towards the surface. I dive down and pick it up at 10 meters deep. The fish is secured.   18 kg and what a feeling!   Thanks to the ocean for this wonderful gift. Not just the catch, but the whole experience. The moment.   And a special thanks to @freedivingnorway (photo) and @wolff who contributed and shared this moment with me. #frivannsliv #freediving #spearfishing #norway #cod... More

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Lots of fish in Rongesundet west of Bergen. Caught my personal best pollack so far. 10.7kg! #Frivannsliv #spearfishing #pollack #freediving #norway... More

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Spearfishing-season is peakibg in Norway, Peder knows the drill. #frivannsliv #freediving #spearfishing... More
15 meter visability west of Bergen now, and lots of fish! #spearfishing #freediving #frivannsliv... More