If you want to photograph this spectacular light show, you have to face some serious but not insuperable hurdles. The critical issue is the available light. #fluorescence #underwater #photography... More
Some cool fluo shots. Cool way to see things at night if you have the right lights and camera filter. #fluodiving #fluorescence #nightdiving... More

These were shot either on Bonaire or in Indonesia. I use two Sola NightSea lights and a yellow filter on my camera lens. It also helps to wear a yellow filter over your mask to help see the fluorescent colors before shooting. ... More

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Indonesia - Jakarta - Seribu - Sepa Jetty, Sepa Island, Indonesia
January 26, 2019 | 18:27
The Fluorescence vision night dive. Using extra filter on dive mask and the ultra violet light help me to see the coral and marine living on their actual color.... More
Dive Type
Max. Depth
16.2 m
Avg. Depth
10.8 m

Thank  you  Laura,  we  can  make  night  dive  in  Pramuka  island,  critters  country ... More

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It is!!! Not that easy to get, but the results are sometimes stunning!!... More

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