Informative and fun days this week, learning to bandage in EFR class. #emergency #first #responder #1staid here opening you never need to use your skills but happy that your confident in them! Well done guys :D #emergency #first #responder... More

Yes dont worry no teens where harmed in the class!... More

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A day I will never forget! My third solo dive and my first Whale Shark! On the 5th of March at Champion Pinnacle I jumped into the water at 735am and filmed the fusiliers for a good half hour when suddenly something made me want to look up. Right in front of me a Whale Shark was passing by. I couldn't believe it. I was so excited and overwhelmed I had to tell myself to keep it together, I had a job to do. I spent the next 35 minutes of my dive with this Whale Shark all to myself. It really wasn't bothered by my presence at all. I kept a respectful distance at all times and gathered as many shots and angles as I possibly could. I didn't know if I would ever see a Whale Shake again. This one will always be special as I couldn't have asked for a better first encounter! #whalesharkguardian #whaleshark #kohtao #chumphon #chumphonpinnacle #selfreliant #solodive #first... More

nice video... More