Deepblu Brand Ambassador William Winram and his team of freediving scientists The Watermen have started their expedition at the Revillagigedo islands. Diving off a Nautilus liveaboard, they will go down several times a day to tag sharks, and retrieve and maintain transmitters in the ocean. Check out their first videolog on YouTube! #winram #william #watermen #expedition #science #nautilus... More
Chasing Hammerheads in Mexico’s Little Galapagos
April 7, 2017 | 09:19
A look back at The Watermen Project's 2016 expedition to the Revillagigedo Archipelago to assist scientific research of the pelagic marine animals in the area. #DeepbluOriginal #WatermenProject #WilliamWinram #Revillagigedo #hammerheadsharks #expedition #conservation... More
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National Geographic have an exciting report on a shark monitoring expedition. #expedition #sharks #nationalgeographic... More
When was your last adventure? A true adventure. An experience that got you out of your comfort zone. Something that stimulated all of your senses and opened up new horizons. Many Watermen and Waterwomen have joined us on expedition and when they left something had changed. Some viewed sharks in a different light. Some viewed the ocean and nature in a different light. And some even went back and changed their lives in profound ways, such as pursuing career or moving to foreign countries. #WatermenProject #WilliamWinram #shark #expedition #adventure... More

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When was the last time something truly moved you, in real life? When I look back on the many encounters I have had with large apex predators, such as the great white shark, there are a few of them that stand out. Some of them have even been captured on video or in photos. I was thinking the other day about how we are so captivated by the digital age. As I travel the globe I rarely see anyone who is not immersed in their smart phone or tablet. We have access to incredible images and footage of extraordinary human beings and creatures from around the globe literally at our fingertips. It is as such, easy to lose sight of the real life moments of awe that come drifting by from time to time. On the day this experience was captured on video - by myself and Nicolas Larguèze - I was awestruck as I swam next to this great white eye-to-eye. I still remember its every movement: the way the powerful tail stroke so effortlessly propelled her through the water - I remember remarking to myself that she was barely moving her tail fin and yet moving so fast as I was finning as fast as possible and barely able to keep up. Her deep blue eye was scanning back at me from time to time, wondering what I was and what I was doing. I was caught between two worlds - It was my job to capture photos and video for ID purposes and to explore the area for the study being conducted and so I was in one moment focused on keeping the camera steady etc and in another moment trying to absorb what was taking place…Despite being immersed underwater, diving on a single breath of air I somehow found myself in the very familiar struggle of finding a balance of chasing the digital result or soaking in the moment and let it affect me on a much deeper level. I think it is fantastic that we can share our experiences through digital media as this has already become an integral part of modern societies but, we should never fall into the habit and state of mind when the real world experience becomes mundane in favour of the digital, thus failing to recognize when we are in the presence of awe. #sharks #reallife #digital #freediving #greatwhite #apnea #adventure #animals #science #expedition #explore #conservation #uwphotography #extreme #ocean #sea #nature #swimming #diving... More

that thing is huge. At one point is looks like it wants to have a go at you but then decides against it. Had any "debris" floating around after this encounter?... More

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Scientists minding their own business until a massive sperm whale bumps the Nautilus vessel. #sperm #whale #expedition #nautilus... More
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Three teams of Nat Geo explorers have set off with fat bikes and scuba gear to learn more about one of the planet's last great wetlands. #NatGeo #exploration #expedition #research #wetland #Africa... More
Just before commercial manned expeditions are a thing, the Smithsonian Magazine brings you the story of the first manned expedition to the Titanic! #titanic #expedition #manned #wreck... More
The ocean is not a place. It is a process. To understand it, we have to discover it. Over and over and over again. Yes, we have revealed secrets about sharks and their relatives. But we have also discovered a whole series of new questions. And scientists will continue to do so for a very long time. #WatermenProject #WilliamWinram #shark #expedition #science #freediving #exploration #ocean #sea... More
Our team has put a lot of effort into studying the great hammerhead sharks around Bimini together with Bimini Biological Field Station - Sharklab. The collaborative project has revealed long distance migrations along the US Florida coast, thousands of kilometers away from this small island in The Bahamas. Big questions remain around shark ecology and movements, and our team is determined to continue using their freediving abilities to contribute to shark conservation and research. While it is amazing that we have access to these sharks now and everyone can enjoy pictures of these incredible creatures, we have to be careful about the false sense of security we may get from social media. Just because you see thousands of pictures of great hammerheads, doesn't mean that there are actually thousands of great hammerheads that you can dive with or are left in our oceans. And just because there are many people diving with sharks in locations all over the world, does not mean that we know everything about them - far from it. It is hammerhead season in Bimini right now and the research efforts of Tristan Leonard Guttridge and his team at the SharkLab continue. If you are interested in reading more about the great hammerheads, check the recent publication of our study revealing some amazing results from our project: http://journal.frontiersin.org/article/10.3389/fmars.2017.00003/full #hammerhead #greathammerhead #hammerheadshark #study #shark #freediving #science #ocean #conservation #nature #uwphotography #wildlifephotography #animals #diving #expedition #adventure... More