Do the world a favor, and just don't participate in the shark trade. It's so easy to do that all you have to do is not do it. #sharks #crime #conservation #ecuador #china... More
I've always had this love for the sea: I had snorkelled, a couple of years I surfed and now I do paddleboard ... and although my heart wanted to go deeper; my low income and lack of information did not allow me to do it before the age of 30. This year thanks to a person I love very much (and that his desire was to find a perfect birthday gift), he gave me the opportunity to start working as a consultant in Digital marketing at Ocean Reef Dive School, and now at my age 34 I'm about to have my OW license and every obstacle I had is gone. Diving has led me to prove to myself what I am made of, to pass my own limits and find a new self, floating there in that blue silence between marine species and my inner God. I dream of sharing it with my daughter as soon as she grows more, even her name is inspired by the sea! I am from Ecuador, and as a tourism professional I always observed from far all the people who used to dive ... now it's me who goes deep into the sea! My next challenges are: dive with Giant Mantas in the mainland of my country and dive in our paradise that are the Galapagos Islands where snorkeling was never enough for me! Why should girls dive? Because there is no challenge that a woman can't reach, because even if you are broken inside the feeling that you have diving is insuperable and if you believe in a God ... there you'll find Him easy. You will return to that feeling of being amazed as when you were a little girl :) #Ecuador #Ayangue #mermaidmadness... More
The World's Greatest Scuba Diving Spots  🇲🇾 BARRACUDA POINT, MALAYSIA  https://goo.gl/LMXUig  🇪🇬 S.S. THISTLEGORM, EGYPT  https://goo.gl/A7iR6J  🇿🇦 SARDINE RUN, SOUTH AFRICA  https://goo.gl/uaFesJ  🇯🇲 PORT ROYAL, JAMAICA   https://goo.gl/FvVYgj  🇺🇬 COUSIN'S ROCK, ECUADOR  https://goo.gl/f9YuNA  🇨🇷 BAJO ALCYONE, COSTA RICA  https://goo.gl/LboQ5X  🇨🇦 BYLOT ISLAND, CANADA  🇦🇺 S.S. YONGALA, AUSTRALIA  https://goo.gl/kq8tEz  #NationalGeographic #BestDiveSpots #ScubaDiving #Malaysia #Egypt #SouthAfrica #Jamaica #Ecuador #CostaRica #Canada #Australia ... More

@Cathy Barracuda Point感覺真的超猛的, 感覺會很像我們上次去箱網看魚那樣,只是人在箱網裡😂... More

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