Anyone heading or have students heading to Koh Tao, message me here or email diveprodanny@gmail.com Im happy to help. Any like minded people in locations in Asia feeling the same way, I'm always sending people off looking for good dive sites, centers and schools. #kohtao #divessi #diveraid #padi #thailand #scubadiving #lifesforliving... More

Hey Danny I will be heading to Koh Tao September ish. ... More

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My aim within this group is to offer advice and help with recommendations for diver training and fun dives on the paradise island of Koh Tao in the Gulf of Thailand. I've been living here for over 4 years and know the island secrets both above and below the surface. If you are heading this way, have friends or students heading this way, drop a note here of message me and I'll help in anyway possible. #divessi #diveraid #kohtao #networking #padi... More

Shark bay right now as well as other places round the island have many black tips of 1mtr or more. Also quite a few Whalesharks around right now and the conditions are beautiful beneath the surface.... More

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Thailand: How many times do you get asked for recommendations for diving in other locations? Well I live and work as a SSI / RAID Dive Instructor on the beautiful island of Koh Tao in the Gulf of Thailand. If you know anyone heading this way, point them towards me via here or diveprodanny@gmail.com and I'll help them as best as I can, I've been here 4 years and know all the best spots, dive shops, accomodation and points of interest and I'm happy to help. Looking to connect with helpful divers in other locations as well ;-) #diveprodanny #divessi #diveraid #kohtao #lifesforliving... More

There are no liveaboards from Koh Tao. Access to dive sites is so easy here. I can certainly help with suggestions for the island, dive centres and things to do. Message me closer to the time. One warning, March/April is incredibly hot and Songkran on April 13th isn't to be missed. Thai new year, best day of the year.... More

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