中正艦 (Jhongjheng Wreck), 墾丁, 屏東, Taiwan
April 19, 2020 | 09:24
20200419 No 142. Diving Taiwan Pingtung Checheng Jhongjheng Wreck 臺灣 屏東 車城 中正艦 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 天氣情況:晴、能見度:8~10m、水面氣溫:32.8、水(均)溫:29.4、最低溫:26.1、入水方式:船潛、潛水裝備:Sidemount(Left tank Right tank Deco tack)、下潛時間:09:24、潛水時間:46min、氣瓶起始量:Left tank 200 Right tank 200、殘壓量:Left tank 90 Right tank 100、均深:23m、SCR:1.27877 GPS:N22.103681E120.687881 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LST-191 老傢伙 我來了,經過了這麼久總算知道你就睡在這裡,而我也學會了一些技巧可以來看你了!!這趟的主要目地就是為了中正艦而來,也因為想要好好的能看它還特別的進行了減壓潛水,可惜水色不佳能見度不好,我們又有其他需要去收線軸的任務加上還得特地保留氣瓶的殘壓量,著實無法好好的逛完它。只下到了後面斷裂的部份後大概逛一逛就到了上升的時間進行減壓上升計劃了,有點很可惜沒逛到它,希望下一趟可以好好逛一下,上升減壓的過程又錯過了導繩,只好跟著潛伴慢慢的放流飄著進行減壓上升最後施放浮力袋出水面等船來接。... More
Dive Type
Max. Depth
46.6 m
Avg. Depth
23.4 m
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Decompression sickness (DCS) is a complex and poorly understood systemic disease caused by inadequate desaturation following a decrease of ambient pressure. Strong variability between individuals is observed for DCS occurrence. This raises questions concerning factors that may be involved in the inter-individual variability of DCS occurrence. This study aimed to experimentally assess the existence of heritable factors involved in DCS occurrence by selectively breeding individuals resistant to DCS from a population stock of wistar rats. Read at: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28731987 #Heritable #Decompression #Rats... More

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