Natural and Cultural Heritage Before visiting Ibiza for the first time, many people think they’ll find the typical mass tourism Mediterranean destination, with its artificial beaches and discotheques. What a surprise on arriving here ! Only a short distance away from the tourist centres, the visitor discovers islands with a rich and preserved natural and cultural heritage. With a history, from the most ancient to the most recent, surrounded by enchanting scenery. With a preserved nature and crystal-clear waters that invite one to discover the beauty of the underwater world, the ecological value of which was recognised by UNESCO when it declared the Posidonia fields of ses Salines World Heritage Site in 1999. The relationship between the people of Ibiza and the sea has always been omnipresent. It’s the secret of the charm of Ibiza and of the touch of magic that makes our island an indispensable... and unforgettable experience ! #Ibiza #Anfibios #Natural #cultural #heritage... More