“What is a dive experience if it can’t be shared? Deepblu has answered that question by reinventing the dive computer for the modern age, and putting the “social” back into the dive experience." Check out the latest review of the COSMIQ Dive Computer by the Dive Photo Guide LINK: https://goo.gl/KkdlqB #COSMIQ #divecomputer #review #Deepblu #DivePhotoGuide #gear... More
The Holidays are a time for giving, and this year we had the incredible opportunity to support an incredible scuba social enterprise from the Philippines, Scuba for Change. Scuba For Change invests 100% of its profits into improving the livelihoods for locals in developing nations and funds programs fighting child exploitation. They’re also partnering with Stairway Foundation, Inc. to create a dive academy to help marginalized youth in the Philippines build meaningful careers in the Philippines' world-renowned dive industry, and teach them about the benefits and importance of ocean conservation. One of the biggest challenges Scuba For Change faces is making people aware of the good work they’re doing. As a Scuba business, the more divers know about them the better the organization is able to serve its community. Having just built and released the first social network for divers and the general ocean community, we’re putting the power of the Deepblu platform behind Scuba For Change. We also donated 10 COSMIQ dive computers to their cause, because hey - who doesn’t like free dive computers?! You can help by donating to their cause, or going diving with them in beautiful Puerto Galera, just outside Manila. Check them out at www.scubaforchange.com, and enjoy the video! #Deepblu #ScubaForChange #COSMIQ #Christmas... More
See what COSMIQ: Gamer Edition can mean for your diving experience. Goodbye decompression boredom. Hello games! #games #cosmiqge #cosmiq #decompression #innovation... More
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Join Bubble Buddies, a new contest that will make you and another Deepblu diver happy — with a free COSMIQ⁺ Dive Computer! Click the link to find out how. #cosmiq #contest #bubble-buddies #giveaway... More
Last chance to win one of 10 COSMIQ Dive Computers and $99 USD gift vouchers that we are giving away to the most followed/following certified divers. 1️⃣Upload your dive certifications on your Deepblu profile. 2️⃣Start to follow and get followers as many as you can. Contest ends May 21st. For more details, go to: https://goo.gl/ozubqH #event #cosmiq #certifications #deepblu... More
A new firmware upgrade has been released for both COSMIQ and COSMIQ+. To upgrade to firmware v1.1 make sure that you are running the latest version of the Deepblu app (v2.0.1). Visit the App Store or Google Play to update. #Deepblu #COSMIQ #COSMIQ+... More
Which style fits you best in 2017? The COSMIQ⁺ comes in two beautiful yet distinct styles: LUMIN and NOIR. Share this post with hashtags #cosmiqlumin or #cosmiqnoir on Facebook to get yours for free!* We'll enter each Deepblu user who shares this post from Deepblu onto Facebook into a lucky draw, and send the winner their favorite COSMIQ⁺. Five other users will receive a $99 USD voucher to be redeemed in the Deepblu Shop. * One chance per Deepblu user. Posts must be public. Deadline February 9th, 2017. More details on https://deepblu.com/events/2017JAN_CosmiqluminOrCosmiqnoir/ #cosmiqnoir #cosmiqlumin #cosmiq #competition... More
We're so excited to announce COSMIQ: Gamer Edition. Deepblu once again puts itself at the forefront of dive computer innovation. Get yours now at the Deepblu Shop for just $349 USD! More info at https://www.deepblu.com/events/2017APR_GamerEdition/ #cosmiqge #cosmiq #innovation #gaming... More
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This week we celebrate one year of Deepblu. And what a year it's been! Thank you to everyone who has supported us on this journey. Whether you are a diver, underwater photographer or simply someone who loves the ocean, Deepblu was created for you. We look forward to more adventures over the next year as we grow our community even more. Dive on. #Deepblu #1year #COSMIQ #video #anniversary... More
Deepblu Anniversary Update available! This week, it is exactly one year since we launched the COSMIQ. We want to show that we continue to support our users long after they purchase or sign up. As proof of our commitment, we are now announcing the Deepblu Anniversary Update, a software update that brings new features to the Deepblu platform and applications, as well as the COSMIQ Dive Computer. The software update is per direct available. Users of the web platform need only refresh their browser, while users of the applications can update their software via the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. The COSMIQ firmware update can be installed by first updating the mobile app, and then synchronizing the COSMIQ with the mobile phone. Some of the changes in the Deepblu Anniversary Update include: * A new pre-dive screen on the COSMIQ will help divers verify their settings before jumping in * The new power-saving mode extends the autonomy of the COSMIQ to up to 12 hours per charge * Freedivers will also welcome the adjustable backlight brightness, which allows them to feel even more one with the ocean than before. * Fresh/Salt water toggle will be replaced by a High Salinity setting which you only need for very salty water. * The Deepblu iOS and Android apps have received some major UI changes * Sharing dive logs to Facebook, Twitter or other social media looks more beautiful than ever with the new share images that include photography and dive stats * and many more... For more information about the new functionality on your COSMIQ, please refer to the COSMIQ User Manual. We'd like to thank all of our users for their support and feedback which has helped shape Deepblu into the platform it is today! #cosmiq #anniversary #update #software #deepblu... More
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Congratulations to Jeff Carmona and kienfei for winning the Bubble Buddies contest! We're sending one COSMIQ+ Dive Computer your way, Jeff! The $199 USD gift voucher goes to kienfei. #bubbleBuddies #winners #event #cosmiq... More
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