We have seen so many touching and heart-warming stories shared to the Deepblu Dive Adventure Contest, more than we expected. Thanks for all the sharing. The contest has now come to an end and we are pleased to announce the winners of 5 COSMIQ⁺ units and 20 vouchers worth $99 each. We are using a 3rd-party RandomPicker to draw the lucky winners in a fair manner. Go to the link below to see if you are among them! https://goo.gl/XHgP1p #holiday #contest #winners #prizes... More
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The University of Miami is accepting entries for its annual underwater photo contest until April 3, 2017. This contest is meant for amateur photographers who earn less than 20 percent of their income from photography. This is a great opportunity to share your work. Don't be shy! #uwphotography #contest... More
Recreational aerial photography using drones is becoming more and more popular. So much so that there is now a photography contest in Australia that is open to both enthusiast and pro aerial photographers. The contest runs until May 2nd. #aerialphotography #drone #contest #Australia... More
The 2017 DEEP Indonesia Photo Contest winners have been announced. Check out the winning photos. #uwphotography #contest #Indonesia... More
Check out the winning image and honorable mentions from Sport Diver Magazine's March Photo Contest focusing on the theme of "people". #uwphotography #photocontest #SportDiver #contest #competition... More
Hello everyone! We are here today with the winner announcement for Round 1 of the Motion of the Ocean Video Contest. Our first winner for this topic is Motionless by Andreas Gutierrez Fiskeseth. This is what VIP Judge Jeff Goodman of Scubaverse had to say: Andreas’ video kicked off with a beautiful and peaceful opening showing stunning images and some great camera moves. The healthy biodiversity of the dive site was captured well throughout the film. The accompanying music matched the images, building up to a crescendo that created a vibrant feel and then brought the audience back to the tranquility of the beginning which is exactly what diving is all about. Finally, the closing shot of a bearded scorpionfish was a fitting ending to an excellent film. Congratulations, Andreas, you are the winner of a brand new COSMIQ+ Dive Computer! Thanks for participating and we are excited to see more of your underwater videos in the future. Contest Details: https://www.deepblu.com/events/2017APR_VideoContest/ #MotionoftheOcean #video #contest #winner #Motionless... More
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The Underwater Photography Guide has announced the winners to its annual Ocean Art Photo Contest, with the winning images shot by some of the world's best underwater photographers. #uwphotography #contest #uwphotographyguide #oceanart... More
Let's celebrate World Compliment Day by saying nice things to each other! Leave a comment on a fellow Deepblu diver's photo, video or dive log on the Trending Page and we will pick out 20 winners of our favorites. The winners will win a Deepblu gear bag. Remember: sometimes it pays to be nice. The cutoff date for submission is March 9th at 11:59pm (UTC+8). #WorldComplimentDay #contest #gearbag #freestuff #benice #giveaway #Deepblu... More
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The Fourth Annual World Ocean's Day Photo Competition is now accepting submissions. The contest is oranized by the United Nations in partnership with several other organizations, including DivePhotoGuide.com. This open and free photo competition seeks to inspire the creation and dissemination of images that convey the beauty and importance of the ocean and humankind’s relation to it. See DivePhotoGuide.com for full contest details and how to enter the contest. #uwphotography #contest #UN #WorldOceansDay #DPG... More
These essential tips for nudibranch photography are especially helpful if you want to join Deepblu and Scubashooter's Nudi Festival Contest. One more month to go! #uwphotography #nudibranch #marinelife #tips #contest... More
Join Bubble Buddies, a new contest that will make you and another Deepblu diver happy — with a free COSMIQ⁺ Dive Computer! Click the link to find out how. #cosmiq #contest #bubble-buddies #giveaway... More
Win prizes for you and your buddy! 1️⃣ Find your favorite Deepblu dive log 2️⃣ Share to your Facebook page and tag @Deepbluinc Done! More info at https://events.deepblu.com/2017apr_bubblebuddies-2/ #contest #bubble-buddies #event #deepblu... More
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