Seabirds rely on the ocean just as much as other marine animals. #seabird #citizenscience #oceancommon.seeMore
Coming soon from Ocean Sanctuaries: in partnership with REEF, we will be offering a certification in Marine citizen science. Sometime in early 2017, Ocean Sanctuaries plans to offer a joint certification in marine citizen scientist, with REEF.org. It will consist of two parts: the first part will be offered through REEF and consist of a basic fish and marine life identification course, specific to the West Coast or the Pacific Northwest, to be taken online at the REEF website--a course which has been available now for a number of years. The second portion of the course, to be offered through OS, will be a non-marine citizen science skills course, offering basic scientific and methodological skills which needed by a citizen scientist. Since this will be one of the first certifications of its kind to be offered, OS would be interested in getting beta feedback on the non-marine of the course. The idea would be to provide a link to the second portion of the course here in this #citizenscience #marinebiologycommon.seeMore