My Deepblu buddies, I wish you all a merry Christmas! Any dive gear or dive trip present under the Christmas tree? ??? Are you diving during Xmas? ??? I am staying dry, visiting Germany. Can't jump into the ice water here ☃️❄☃️❄ Happy festive days to you @ReefDivers.io @R413 @James Mamoto @Jordy9129 @Sebastian S. @Tobias Friedrich @The IMP @Brett Lobwein @Scubashooters.net @stephanwhelan @Tauchmagazin unterwasser @Martin van Gestel @VDST @VDSTsporttaucher Dietmar Fuchs @IDA Worldwide @Dragos Dumitrescu @ScubaDiverMag @william winram #interdive #icediving #scubachristmas #christmasdive #merrychristmas #diveon #scuba2017 #winter... More

Merry Christmas - I may have found a new Scubapro Regulator under there ahhhh !!! 😊... More

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Dive Type
Max. Depth
25.4 m
Avg. Depth
13.4 m

Hehehe tom. Our photographer is busy this holiday, but tom. She'll join us merry christmas guys!... More

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