What are the benefits of diving with a dive computer? More diving time? Yes!, but this is not the only benefit of using a dive computer while we are diving, we can extend the diving time while keeping within safety limits. Let's make things easy. A good buoyancy control is the most important quality of any good diver. After many years of experience teaching I discovered two things: - the students are lazy when it comes to using the depth gauge, 2nd maintaining a constant reference to depth, buoyancy is better controlled. So using a wrist computer is easier to consult. Which results in better buoyancy control. For many years, in our center Anfibios Ibiza, we included it in the last dive of the Open Water diver course and we used it in all the immersions of the following programs. Later we will dedicate an entire article about the diving computer and the buoyancy control. #Computerdive #Ibiza #Anfibios #Multileveldive #buoyancycontrol #scubadiving... More