While its medicinal benefits have not been proven, 'gold coin fish maw' has long been a status symbol in Chinese culture. #fish #bladder #paching #illegalfishing #illicit... More
I found this post on a FaceBook group: “I don't know how many of you have experienced such problem but today during my first deep dive in advance course I encountered malfunction of equipment. My power inflator got stuck in inflate position and I started having uncontrolled ascent . First I didn't know how to control but was able to control quick ascent by pressing deflate same time. By time my dive instructor noticed and came for help and disconnected the law pressure hose from the power inflator and deflate the the BCD and then we continued diving for another 30 mins without any problem.” I think it will be helpful to answer it here: First, the emergency procedure for a BCDs inflator mechanisms should be taught during the Open Water Course, in the pool and as instructor “discretion” in open water. Review the answer here https://www.patreon.com/posts/power-inflator-15403639 #Power #inflator #malfunction #bcds #bladder... More

If it wasn’t for the quick thinking, that could have ended very badly... More

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