Sarah Jane Pell: From Sea, To Summit, To Space
October 31, 2017 | 08:49
An artist, astronaut and occupational diver has been continuing to explore the world in cross-disciplinary ways. #deepbluOriginal #art #scientist #astronaut #performance #diver... More
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Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory, Texas, Houston, Texas, United States
August 17, 2017 | 08:57
This was my last dive as a NASA Diver. Leaving this amazing team was a heartbreaker but I know that their hard work and sacrifice doesn't go unnoticed. They are a combination of commercial, military, and highly qualified professional divers brought together to help make astronauts flight ready. #NASA #NBL #diving #space #astronaut... More
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11.8 m

Thanks everyone for the kind words! I was a NASA diver only for a short because I needed more time underwater outside of a pool! But if you have any questions about the Neutral Buoyancy Lab I'll do my best to answer!... More

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