My boyfriend always wanted me to dive. I didn't like this idea at all, i even discarted the idea of studying Marine Biology because of diving. When I finally tried diving, I was not really glowing. Then he broke up (one of his reasons: he wanted to make a living from diving which was not possible where we lived). I filled the void with a Scuba Diving (Open Water) Course, and guess what, i really liked it! I met some people who encouraged me a lot and when I did a sabatical I finished my Divemaster Course. Two years and 300 dives after my OWC I was a Intructor myself, met my previous boyfriend again and now (since more than 5 years) we are travelling the world together working in the most beautiful places we can find! Girls should scuba and conquer this male dominated area because we are better, we think differently and we are more aware of safety, which doesn't mean we are boring divers. No Risk, No Fun, but always stay safe!! #maldives #aquapunks #bestjobever #mermaidmadness #scubadivinggirls... More

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