Carrière Kahnawake, St Lawrence River, Quebec, Canada
October 22, 2017 | 14:32
This clip was taken during one of our most recent freediver certification at Kahnawake Quarry. The platform sits at 9.5m deep and is about 15m wide. We challenge our new students at the end of each course to do this little swim through on a breathold just for fun! #apneacity #apneacitytribe #freediving #friends #fun #aidainternational #padifreediver #montreal #quebec #canadacommon.seeMore
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Somebodies got a snorkel on the wrong side 😂common.seeMore

If you would ask the question to our students and athletes they would probably tell you that we are like an old couple. When @pmbeauchamp and I have the opportunity to freedive together we don't need to talk much because we know each other so well. Our shared passion for freediving led us to meet @william winram who trained us to become freediving instructor. We then went on to create our own freediving school, @ApneaCity inc. We now spend most of our time teaching and coaching others. Freediving gave me my best dive buddy but most importantly my best friend! Picture taken by our good friend Chantelle Blanchard during our annual freediving under ice! #bestdivebuddies #bestfriend #apneacitytribe #apneacity #freedivingcommon.seeMore

Thank you Cathy.common.seeMore

Après trois jours bien remplis et intenses notre groupe se réunissent pour la photo! Merci à tous pour votre participation, votre enthousiasme et votre camaraderie! After 3 full and intense days everybody stands together for the group picture. Huge thank you for your participation, your enthusiasm and most of all your amazing camaraderie! #apneacitytribe #apneacity #freediving #friends #fun #williamwinramcommon.seeMore

Looking good gang!common.seeMore

Here is the winner of the COSMIQ+. She was so eager to try it that Sophie was planning to go to the local Car wash close by! ;-) Voici notre gagnante de l'ordinateur COSMIQ+. Sophie était tellement impatiente d'essayer son nouveau joujou qu'elle se préparait à aller l'essayer au Lave-Auto tout près! ;-) #apneacitytribe #apneacity #COSMIQ+ #Winner #contest #freedivinginthecitycommon.seeMore


Here is an amzing short documentary that was shot by the National Broadcaster. The film was shot during the depth competition that ApneaCity organized last September and features our own Vice-president Philippe Beauchamp and one of our instructor, Joannie Huberdeau also a National record holder. http://ici.radio-canada.ca/sports/special/podium-documentaire-plongee-apnee/ #ApneaCity #ApneaCityTribe #DepthCompetition #Freediving #Canada #Montreal #Whywefreedive #Girlswhofreedivecommon.seeMore
Here is a picture of a magnificent female that I took on my first expedition freediving with Great White sharks with DeepBlu Ambassador @william winram in Guadalupe Island, Mexico. #apneacitytribe #apneacity #freediving #greatwhiteshark #nocage #nofear #guadalupeislandcommon.seeMore

Next year @Francois Leduc fingers crossed! common.seeMore

Here is another Vlog post from one of our instructor candidates from the Toronto freediver community, Andrew Ryzebol, who shares with us his first impressions after the first week of the instructor's course with William Winram. #apneacitytribe #apneacity #freediving #learningtoteachothers #williamwinramcommon.seeMore
Le weekend passé nos candidats instructeurs enseignaient à un groupe de nouveaux apnéistes. Sur cette photo Richard Price, un de nos candidats instructeurs, dirige la séance d'apnée statique sous la surveillance d'un des instructeurs et fondateurs de ApneaCity, Philippe Beauchamp. Last weekend our instructor candidates were teaching a group of new freedivers. Here is a picture of them doing their static requirements under the guidance of one of the instructor candidates, Richard Price and the watchful eyes of ApneaCity's instructor Philippe Beauchamp. #apneacitytribe #apneacity #instructorcourse #freediving #staticapneacommon.seeMore

Great job guys, was a fun coursecommon.seeMore

First vlog post from one of our participants to the Depth Preparation and Training Workshop, Richard Price, commenting on his first day. #apneacitytribe #apneacity #depthtraining #equalization #freediving #montreal #quebec #canadacommon.seeMore

Looking good Rich!common.seeMore

Nous avons été tellement occupé avec un horaire chargé que nous n'avons pas eu beaucoup le temps de publié. Voici donc un autre VlogPost d'un de nos participants, David Dandeneault, We have been so busy with a very tight schedule we did not post anything for the past few days. Here is another Vlog post from one of our participants to the Depth Preparation and Training workshop with William Winram #apneacitytribe #apneacity #freediving #workshop #williamwinramcommon.seeMore
From June 16th to July 3rd, ApneaCity has been running a contest that invited our fans to follow the adventures of the participants and instructor candidates during the Deep Diving Preparation and Training Workshop and the Instructor Course given by William Wirnam. All you had to do was to create a profile on the Deepblu platform, to follow ApneaCity, to post a comment on our page and finally to share one of our post on your Facebook page. We want to thank everybody that participated and that have joined the ApneaCity's page on Deepblu. We randomly picked one name out of all the participants and we are very happy to announce that the winner of our contest that merits a brand new COSMIQ+ is @Sophie Guiliguili. Congratulations Sophie, please contact us at francois.leduc@apneacity.com to arrange for claiming your price and choosing from the 5 different colors of the COSMIQ+. We are taking the opportunity to extend our launching offer until the end of July where you can buy your own COSMIQ+ for 399$CAN only and ApneaCity will be paying the taxes! DIVE ON! Contact us to get yours! #apneacitytribe #apneacity #contest #winner #deepblu #COSMIQ+ #freediving #friends #funcommon.seeMore

J'ai choisi la noire. Elle sera parfaitement assortie avec ma pompe et mon autovent, et les ballons de toutes les couleurs que je vais bientôt devoir m'acheter.common.seeMore

We spent the last weekend in the water sharing our passion about freediving. Here is our latest group of happy certified new freedivers that have just joined the ApneaCity Tribe! We are back at it next weekend. Our next course with still some spots left starts on June 22. Sign-up here: https://www.apneacity.com/product-page/copie-de-cours-de-base-freediver-course-22-23-24-25-juin-june #apneacitytribe #sharingourpassion #freediving #montreal #quebec #canadacommon.seeMore

That was a fun and amazing weekend!common.seeMore