Does the current state of underwater photography and its relationship with social media create a perception bias? Lukas Müller from The Watermen Project argues that seeing all of these beautiful underwater photos in our social feeds filled with fish, sharks, whales and rays tricks us into thinking that the oceans are healthy and that marine life is plentiful. When, in reality, for every nice picture there are countless photos of dead reefs and empty space where marine life used to be plentiful. He stresses the responsibility of underwater photographers to engage their audiences by telling the story behind the photos and giving "a balanced and fair representation of what is happening in the seas right now, and what has happened over the decades." What do you think? #uwphotography #marinelife #conservation #watermenprojectcommon.seeMore
Freediving for a Cause: The Watermen Project and Shark Conservation
May 18, 2017 | 09:58
Shark conservation organizations exist by the dozens, but few are as brazen as the Watermen whose modus operandi involves freediving up close with these toothy giants. #DeepbluOriginal #shark #sharkfinning #conservation #WatermenProject #WilliamWinram #mantaraycommon.seeMore
The ocean is not a place. It is a process. To understand it, we have to discover it. Over and over and over again. Yes, we have revealed secrets about sharks and their relatives. But we have also discovered a whole series of new questions. And scientists will continue to do so for a very long time. #WatermenProject #WilliamWinram #shark #expedition #science #freediving #exploration #ocean #seacommon.seeMore
It is rare to see Great Hammerhead Sharks swimming at the surface and interacting with divers. With their hammer-shaped head they are perfectly adapted to hover and cruise over the sandy bottoms in the search of food, but are extremely capable to perform complicated maneuvers with sharp turns. Only the most curious and confident sharks will meet our freedivers at the surface. When they do it's always a special occasion, because these individuals come really close and don't shy away from cameras. It's a privilege to work and interact with these majestic species and help protect it for future generations. #WatermenProject #WilliamWinram #sharks #diving #freediving #bahamas #greathammerhead #hammerhead #shark #science #tagging #bimini #adventure #ocean #MakeASplashcommon.seeMore
What's the value of positive shark media? What's the impact we can have with a photo like this one? We believe that respectful shark diving photos certainly function as a stronghold against what can seem to be a never-ending stream of misrepresentation of some of the most incredible predators this planet has ever produced. They are durable, fast, powerful, agile, versatile... and on the verge of becoming extinct, in many instances. Yes, we have to keep sharing our underwater experiences with every single person we can possibly reach. #WatermenProject #WilliamWinram #ocean #conservation #sharkscommon.seeMore

Thanks for clarification, William. It's just that I've seen several images with such content here and just wanted to point out that this is not something we should encourage, so it's good this was not the case here. I'm writing my disseration on this type of media repesentation of wildlife and how this can lead to false expectations when being close to wildlife resulting in inappropriate behaviour. Apart from that, keep up with the good work :)common.seeMore

The average human takes 550,000,000 breaths over the course of a lifetime. Blue sharks travel through the entire Atlantic Ocean, several times during their lives. A journey made of brutal storms, ripping currents, scarce deserts of open blue, imposing predators, menacing hooks and thousands of miles... With millions of fin strokes, blue sharks make every single one of them count. They have to, in order to survive. Swimming side by side with this shark, both species dedicating a few breaths and strokes to investigate each other, it was a lesson for us. Make every breath count. For you, and for whatever cause you dedicate your life to. #WatermenProject #WilliamWinram #sharks #nature #cause #breath #blueshark #ocean #freediving #conservation #atlanticcommon.seeMore
Chasing Hammerheads in Mexico’s Little Galapagos
April 7, 2017 | 09:19
A look back at The Watermen Project's 2016 expedition to the Revillagigedo Archipelago to assist scientific research of the pelagic marine animals in the area. #DeepbluOriginal #WatermenProject #WilliamWinram #Revillagigedo #hammerheadsharks #expedition #conservationcommon.seeMore
When was your last adventure? A true adventure. An experience that got you out of your comfort zone. Something that stimulated all of your senses and opened up new horizons. Many Watermen and Waterwomen have joined us on expedition and when they left something had changed. Some viewed sharks in a different light. Some viewed the ocean and nature in a different light. And some even went back and changed their lives in profound ways, such as pursuing career or moving to foreign countries. #WatermenProject #WilliamWinram #shark #expedition #adventurecommon.seeMore


Our blue planet has limits. If we do not want to reach them, we have to act! #WatermenProject #WilliamWinram #WorldEnvironmentDay #nature #science #conservation #sharkscommon.seeMore
Besides our scientific field work efforts we try to communicate the true nature of sharks to the largest audience possible. At times sharks can be ferocious predators, but then they can also have a gentler side. A respectful interaction is possible, only if the power, size and behavior of the shark is respected at all times. #WatermenProject #WilliamWinram #science #sharks #conservation #naturecommon.seeMore
Definition of power: "The capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events". As the true ruler of the sea, the mere presence of the white shark alters its surroundings. Hiding. Following. Mesmerizing. Fleeing. Without a single action, the sharks position in the kingdom is clear. We need to understand that top predators serve an important purpose. There absence may have dire consequences for every being connected and dependent on the sea. #WatermenProject #WilliamWinram #sharks #whiteshark #power #nature #ocean #human #sharkweek #predators #king #presence #sea #diving #underwater #photography #awe #science #planet #earth #inspiringcommon.seeMore
If you had told a human being 300 years ago that you were diving in the open ocean, 20 meters below the surface, on a single breath of air, eye to eye with a creature that has a wingspan of 4.5 meters, they would have declared you as a crazy person. It is the first time in history when these kinds of encounters are accessible to a lot of people, and strangely enough we are already about to loose this opportunity, because of our overexploiting of the oceans. If you are a diver or freediver enjoying these animals for recreation, try and contribute to manta, ray and shark research. #WatermenProject #WilliamWinram #freedive #freedivers #ocean #conservation #sharks #mantaraycommon.seeMore

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