It's a busy weekend around the world for scuba diving exhibitions and Deepblu will have a preseence at all three. We're happy to be represented by our trusted Dive Expo Representatives at events in Korea, Singapore and the USA. In Korea, there is the Seoul International Sports & Leisure Industry Show (SPOEX) from February 23-26. Deepblu will be represented by one of our power resellers 코스믹 다이브컴퓨터 (Paranbada). In Indonesia, Max's Dive Centre will be selling COSMIQ+ at DRT Singapore from Feb 24-26. You can find Max at Booth E124. AJ Scuba will be our representative at Our World Underwater in Chicago from the 23rd to the 26th. They'll be at Booth #127. If you're planning on attending one of these events, don't be afraid to say hi and our Dive Expo Reps will be happy to introduce you to the COSMIQ+ Dive Computer. If you're a Deepblu Reseller, we're always actively recruiting Dive Expo Reps for dive exhibitions and other industry events. We provide you with marketing support and merchandise to help you sell as many COSMIQs as possible! Get in touch with us for more details. Dive on. #Deepblu #DiveExpoRep #DRTSingapore #SPOEX #OurWorldUnderwater... More
Our World Underwater just wrapped up over the weekend in Chicago. Here is DivePhotoGuide.com's report on the activities, including the 25 winners of the 12th annual OWU International Underwater Photo and Video Competition. #uwphotography #OurWorldUnderwater #exhibition #competition... More
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