Educational aid for Multilevel and computer dive. Greetings to the whole community of divers. From Ibiza we are proud to share our first job of educational aid. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0KCoTgBpLc&t=208s Both, the multi-level dive planning data obtained with the PADI ePIRML ™ electronic dive planner and the computer data shown in this video, obtained from a real dive with a Scubapro G2 computer, are just examples and for the use of our instructors as an educational aid that must be complemented with more information. Apart from the time limits shown in this video, there are other important limits, such as the time limit derived from the air consumption. Do not try to do this kind of dive without professional supervision, unless you have the knowledge and experience required to do dives at 30 meters. Meanwhile, enjoy the images of the dive At "La Mariana" #Ibiza #Multilevel #anfibios #deepdive #computerdive #LaMariana... More