Hello everyone! We are here today with the winner announcement for Round 1 of the Motion of the Ocean Video Contest. Our first winner for this topic is Motionless by Andreas Gutierrez Fiskeseth. This is what VIP Judge Jeff Goodman of Scubaverse had to say: Andreas’ video kicked off with a beautiful and peaceful opening showing stunning images and some great camera moves. The healthy biodiversity of the dive site was captured well throughout the film. The accompanying music matched the images, building up to a crescendo that created a vibrant feel and then brought the audience back to the tranquility of the beginning which is exactly what diving is all about. Finally, the closing shot of a bearded scorpionfish was a fitting ending to an excellent film. Congratulations, Andreas, you are the winner of a brand new COSMIQ+ Dive Computer! Thanks for participating and we are excited to see more of your underwater videos in the future. Contest Details: https://www.deepblu.com/events/2017APR_VideoContest/ #MotionoftheOcean #video #contest #winner #Motionless... More
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