CatchOfTheDay: The super-rare, elusive, and once thought to only exist in the Lembeh strait Octopus sp. #16 (Hairy Octopus). Ref: marinelifephotography.com, hawaiisfishes.com, iNaturalist.org MyLocalDiveShop: aaronsdiveshop.com #uwphotography #macro #marinelife #scuba ... More
Dutch Springs, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, United States
July 28, 2019 | 09:28
Advanced Open Water training dive: Deep Dive #16 - Decent down a steel trellis. - Platform training to see color changes and affect of pressure on a empty platic bottle. - Platform started tipping so we left for return around trellis then gradual accent. -Poor visability. Lost dive buddy so surfaced early. Hood and gloves.... More
Dive Type
Max. Depth
21.7 m
Avg. Depth
13.7 m