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Why do I dive? What draws me to the water--to its sparkling surface and the caress of its cool depths? Is it the mystery of its darkness or the beauty of its light? The thunder of the waves or the utter silence that lies beneath?   Maybe, it's nothing more than a moment.   That moment at the bottom, before your lungs scream to breathe, when you turn and look up. And the entire world is above you, but you're weightless. It's like looking at the liquid ceiling of an ephemeral Sistine. And though you're standing in the shadows, you're bathed in brilliance as streams of sunlight filter down through the fluid atmosphere.   And perhaps, for the first time, and just for a moment, you understand awe.   That moment is why I dive. Photo by James Ferrara @jferrara_photo

Whoever took this photo of you, did a great job. I love it.... More

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